Friday, January 18, 2008

She called me...

Our first pet, Inga - still alive and kicking! 1994

My blog URL may be a bit oddly named to many who visit for the first time. My original choice was "A Happy Heart", but I signed up before I was ready to really begin blogging and proceeded to forget my login information. I came up with my blog name SheCalledME from the following story:

Portland State Graduation - 1996 (don't laugh at the glasses!)

15 years ago on January 18, 1993 at late morning I phoned Craig, my husband. I met him in a singles branch in Vancouver, Wa after he had returned home from his mission in Washington DC. We talked several times at church and it was very refreshing to meet a guy who smiled, laughed, and had the cutest dimples - he, to me, seemed like a very content guy.
Proud owners of our new $900. Volvo - 1998 - Alexandria, VA
The reason for my call that morning was to ask him out on a date, it was clear that my "flirting" wasn't getting through to him! My opportunity to ask him out came when my recently returned missionary brother -who didn't drive - needed a ride to the movies to meet a girl and he wondered if we could do a double date. I immediately thought - here's my chance!
On top of the world-Liechtenstein, 1999
A rare occassion - A work event - 1999

Apparently, Craig wasn't doing anything that day and his cool shock on the phone was clear, he was very surprised that I called and would meet me at the theatre. Aladdin had just come out and this was our movie of choice and a movie we see and hear in the car at least once a week.
Freezing in Bratislava, Slovakia 2000
For the benefit of the girls, we hold hands during the "magic carpet ride" and sing our parts as Aladdin and Jasmine for "A Whole New World". Although the girls seem to expect this now and will reach out to us and say "do you trust me daddy (or mommy)" It's quite cute!

Another work event- 2000

The "she" in the title refers to me -that called Craig, who would be the "me" in my blog title, which action in turn, created "us" six months later in the Portland, OR temple. It was just "us" for 10 years.
Loosing our hair at Stonehenge - 2002
We had a lot of time to get to know each other, to travel, and experience life both the good times and bad. I couldn't imagine my life without him and am grateful that I married a man that feels the exact same way about me.

Sealing Day June 26, 2003

Happy one phone call that started it all!


Lauralee said...

so romantic! so sweet! great pictures.. you are so pretty! I love watching your look change..
So glad you made that first call!

Nicole said...

Awhh...what a nice story. A very romantic one. Both of you are too cute together! And the girls fit right into it! Love your blog and your great ideas.

lelly said...

i love this story, and you have to check out the spt challenge for next week!

crystal said...

You are just GLOWING in the photo of Sealing Day. So pretty.

So finally! I know the reason behind your url! Always wondered :) What a sweet re-cap of your story.

Marie said...

Beautiful story and pictures. You two have really had some amazing adventures together!

I love your family photo on your sealing day. Oh! It is beautiful. Which temple?

Mandy said...

I loved reading your story of how you met, etc. You have been to some amazing places!

Melinda said...

That was so cute to read! How fun to get to know you better that way. THe pictures are all so fun to see. I hope you had a great day. Oh, also, cute pillows!

sista # 2 said...

I love your story!! How cool ;)ciao

Holly said...

This is the sweetest story! I loved all the pictures too-so great to see the evolution of the couple becoming the family--all because of a phone call.

Amanda :-) said...

Aww, I've always got the impression from your blog that Craig is an absolute poppet, and this story confirms it. The video clips you've posted of him in the past have been hilarious too. Thinking of his flapping collars particularly :-D

I started to read this yesterday, but Paul walked in and I felt I needed to spend time with him rather than on the PC - but now I've read this tonight, it's just lovely. Finding your soulmate is an amazing thing.

jenny said...

What a great story. I wish my blog name had a wonderful story like that....sadly not so true. Love your smiling list :)

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Thanks for telling the story. I enjoyed reading the adventure re-cap. The pictures are just great. :)

carlo said...

oh i love this story. meant to be, weren't you?

i can't get over how much the girls look like the two of you. it is amazing and so lovely to see.

they were meant for you...