Friday, February 15, 2008

Traditions: Valentine's Day...

Taking this Valentine photo was quite the ordeal. Note to self, don't try to take a staged photo after school on a Friday. Craig returns home tonight from being out of town and I wanted to surprise him with this photo. This shot was a rare smile moment, and if you look close at Cici's face, you'll notice she may just have been crying right before and of course, right after this shot! Lesson learned!
Valentine's Day was celebrated on Sunday for us! Craig left Monday, so we felt it was a good opportunity to do something special for the girls right before his departure.
It was pretty simple, I gathered some things together that we had collected since our trip to London in November and we surprised the girls with a fun bag of little things. Including this magnetic twirling queen and king we picked up at Covent Gardens!
I held off on candy, because I knew they were going to get lots of candy for their party. To keep us busy during the week, we started the Valentine's Day Fairy Monday night after Craig's departure. We did it two nights in a row, but a meeting kept us too late on Wednesday. Wednesday after the meeting we took our Wendy's kids meals, and put a bunch of pillows on our office floor where I had TIVO record the two hour American Idol. Our main tv in our basement apparently isn't worthy of American Idol, this per Craig's rantings about this awful show he's tormented to watch.

On Valentine's Day, I had made cookies for all of their class and put them with some valentine's day goodies in bags, plus putting together their cards. After school, we came home and prepared dinner of macaroni and chees, a frozen pizza, red applesauce, popcorn in a movie tub, and let them eat all their candy from school. I usually let them eat everything, so that it's not hanging around the house for days. They usually stop after a couple pieces and the rest gets thrown out- unless it's seems like a wasteful amount!

While having our Valentine's Day picnic on Thursday with the 2nd Idol show and results, the doorbell rang. Through the glass next to our front door I saw some tail lights speed quickly away. When I opened the door, the bag that Cici is holding (a quick re-enactment) was attached to our front door handle. The note inside said it was from the first family we faired! It was such a treat for us and I'm sure that the family who faired us back had a blast too!

We also had a little treat hunt, which isn't extravagant, just something small they could have fun eating before bed. I put four clues around the house telling them where to go and all leading them to the intended treat.

So here are our traditions:

Making cupcakes and cookies
Valentine's Day Fairy
Valentine's Photo
Heart shirts
Treat hunt
Small valentine's day gifts
School cards
school treat bags
A "love" movie (we didn't get around to watchin Nanny Mcphee)

and lots and lots of family time!
Tonight Craig gets back at 6:30 and we'll finish our movie night with him and then hopefully I'll finally be able to see the movie Becoming Jane sometime this weekend. He's pretty good about watching these films with me - at least once!
I promise - no more Valentine's Day stuff until next year!


Wendi said...

You are such a fun mom. I love doing all of those fun valentine traditions, but I've had the infulenza this week, and have been in bed all week, so my kids didn't get to do anything fun. :(

I love American Idol. So does Brian.

Carolee said...

You are so fun and creative, can you rub some of it off on me:)

Marie said...

What a great day! Well, week actually since you've been a busy fairy. It must have been so much fun to have a treat dropped off for you. That is just plain exciting.

Aren't traditions wonderful? You have great ones!

Nikki said...

Very fun traditions you have- making some great memories for those little girls of yours! :) My little girls have grown up a bit (hitting those pre teen years). We still do alot of those same traditions you do- but as you can see in my blog, we've now added going to the beauty shop for new hairdos! :)

Rachel Bagley Wurtz said...

So many wonderful pictures!!!! ANd thanks for sharing your traditions! You are such an awesome mom!

Barb said...

Valentines Day with daughters is the best!

linda said...

I came across your blog via Lelly's...hope you don't mind. I tried leaving a comment earlier this week but it was unsuccessful?

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time with your girls...enjoy them as they grow up so fast. I just sent my little sis off to college in another state this summer. Very sad!

donna said...

You are such a fun MOM!!! Sounds like you all had one great Valentine's Day.
Thanks for sharing it with us.

Amanda :-) said...

Hellooo! I just scrolled through your pictures and they're a delight! Love all the pinkness and prettiness that goes with Valentine's Day.

Thank you for your Good Mail, Michelle! Erin nabbed most of it, but I've held on to some of it and it was all fabby.

Hope you're doing well. I'm trying to get back on track after my friend's funeral, so hopefully will blog soon. But all's well here really. xx

Cristin said...

We love Valentine's Day too...

...loved seeing all you've done!

carlo said...

love the fun you have been having...the twirling queen and king are tops!! Love them!

and how fun that you were fairy-ed back!!