Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Be gone, is be good!

When the snow starts to melt and the official first day of spring arrives, I find I am beaming with delight that the long holiday season is over. I realize there are a few holidays that round out the late spring and summer months, but those are small in comparison to the fall and winter festivities that complete these seasons. I hope no one takes this gleeful 'be gone is be good' post as a declaration that I am opposed to these wonderful days. In fact, I think they are great, and I just love pulling out all the stops for them. However, for some grateful unknown reason - I am so relieved that it's over.

The relief that they are over does not last long, as I am, constantly wondering if I should start working on them now. This way I am not flustered, or like this year; if we are sick or deluged with depressing snow! Fortunately I feel I have a couple months reprieve as mother's day and my birthday are all on the shoulders of my husband and family! Yeah!

I drove to the states today to be seen by an ears, neck, and throat doctor. They have me on another dose of antibiotics and are saying that if the sore throat comes back - I'll have to get my tonsils removed. Heaven sakes! Let's hope it works!

Am I the only 'be gone is good' holiday reviler?
What do you think?
What is some advice for planning ahead?


Kelly said...

Goodness, Michelle! I hope that you don't have to get your tonsils out. Here's to the antibiotics working, and the beginning of spring!

andrea said...

I am always looking for ways to prepare ahead for the holidays too. I think having an organized house is half the battle. I'm doing what you're doing: organizing, organizing, organizing. Now that I've got stuff organized I'm ready to go through all my holiday stuff and keep what I really want and get started on some projects for the holidays.

BTW, I love your girls new room.

Melinda said...

I hope the medicine works for you! That is all you need to have is surgery looming over you.

I am with you on the holidays. I love having them but it is so nice to have a few months of relaxing. I do have bdays to worry about now but that is nothing in comparison.

I actually have two plastic bins full of toys that I have found on clearance that are good name brand ones that I save for bdays and I even pulled them out for a few family gifts. I do things on a budget so I get our extended family gifts done early and wait till Jason is ready to shop for the kids. We ususaly don't shop for them till the week before Christmas but it saves us sooo much money.

crystal said...

Your throat is STILL bothering you??? I hope you figure it out soon. And have fun at the cottage!