Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter 2008

I have had a lot of trouble getting the video of the girl's egg hunt downloaded into blogger, this along with Craig coming down with the flu - made this a very late post. The Easter bunny wasn't very sneaky this year! Fortunately, the girls are still young and gull able enough to get out of the mistakes I made. Lesson number one, do not use ribbon from your craft room - somehow they made the distinction that it was indeed mine.
However, they discerned that it was the Easter bunny who sneaked down to my craft room and used my ribbon! The girls got to see the Easter bunny at school last week. They sent home this photo along with the girls posing separately -one of the many things I love about their new school!
Lesson number two, do not leave remnants of wrapping around. Luckily for me, they chalked it up to that "sneaky" little Easter bunny using our stuff! Next time, I'll need to be a lot more sneaky and a little less - putting it together at midnight!

The Easter basket I found at Value Village for $8.00. It seems a little steep - but I would never have been able to find this bassinet basket for that price anywhere else. Those cute little bunnies I found last year for only $2.50 each at our local grocery store after season! Now if I could only find groceries that cheap!I figured they could use it for their babies, and luckily it was a big hit! I did buy the girls cute little Easter dresses, however, our exodus from church early because everyone but Cici was ill - called off any Easter bonnet photos for now!
Easter 2008, although ripe with fever, persistent never ending sore throats, and ear infections, goes onward ever onward! Photos are sparse but we kept it full of fun things. Although I should say me, as the culprit with the high fever is Craig. So it's me keeping the girls busy and making Easter dinner that will mostly go into leftovers! It's times like these that you just have to embrace the situation and have fun with what you are dealt!

A friend from church desperately wanted to help us by delivering some ear drops for the Nini for her ear infection. I felt that I shouldn't turn her down and so after we got home we put together a little Easter basket for her family and decorated Easter eggs. The Easter bunny cookies were a lot of fun and very very easy! We added a box of dots and some frosted cookies. I told the girls that since they wanted to help us, we should give something back. So Nini gave her Easter basket to hand them their goodies in. What a sweetie!

They both were very very helpful and more than willing to lend a hand when I needed - or when I didn't. Here is Nini helping me baste the ham! She and Cici wanted to jump in and help. They also helped me set the table, and pour the drinks.

I strongly felt that we needed some sort of photo with everyone this Easter, we couldn't let it go by with documenting us around the dinner table. Right before dinner, Craig's fever was at 102, yikes. But he ate with us and even had dessert! The dessert above wasn't supposed to be with ice cream, but I unfortunately put the whipped topping too close to the stove and ended up with whipped soup - yuck. I put a slice of pound cake on the plate, and top it with two or three small scoops of vanilla ice cream. I put a dab of chocolate fudge in the center and topped it with a bunny sugar cookie. The rest is strawberries and strawberry syrup or chocolate syrup around the plate and ice cream. Next time, I think it would be really good with lemon cake!

Craig was supposed to handle the Easter egg hunt, but we had to put it off for a couple of hours while he tried to sleep off his fever. We had thought of putting the eggs out last night, but were afraid that the squirrels would eat them - that would be tragic! After dinner, I took the girls downstairs to watch a movie. We told the girls that Craig needed another nap and would be down in a few minutes. After about 10 minutes, the doorbell rang, the dogs started barking and I told the girls to come up and see who it was. They could see some eggs outside the window -the Easter bunny had come! I took video of the egg hunt which was very hilarious, with the girls shimmying down the ice hills outside to get their eggs. You can click here - I just couldn't get it to work by downloading it into blogger.

I hope everyone had a great Easter and is healthy and strong. I had a chance to play the piano for several people this weekend. During the stake's Easter Cantata and our own ward Easter Sacrement. It was a good weekend despite it all. Today I am cleaning our home top to bottom to try to rid us of any unwanted germs. I am determined to have a happy healthy family by April 1st! And that's no April Fools! Take care my friends and how was your Easter weekend?


Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

I'm sorry you had sickies. :( It sounds like you survived the festivities though. We had a nice day too.

Barb said...

I honed in on that bassinet basket right away! Sometimes Value Village isn't about the deals, it's about the treasures! So cute!

Chrissy, said...

Yummy dessert. Sometimes it's the unplanned things that make holidays the most memorable. I enjoyed the movie. I can't believe how much snow!!! I wish I could have heard your girls talk more they have sweet little voices. I hope everyone feel better soon andyou don't get it!

linda said...

I LOVED the egg hunt video...and loved that your sweet hubby got so into it even though he was sick.

You're girls are darling and very lucky to have such loving and attentive parents!

Marie said...

Okay, Craig is a gem. If I had a fever of 102 I would have burried myself in my bed and not come out at all, but there he was at the table, and outside pointing out bunny tracks for the girls to get their eggs. That is the definition of a great dad.

Your snow is unreal. Those piles along your walkway are shocking. It is like you live on a ski mountain. I promise the sun will come again. I just don't promise a date!

Misty said...

I am LOVING all these Easter activites, meals, and fun you had in your home.....

We did a surprise Easter egg hunt, too.... out doors as well! It was a beautiful day in Provo Easter Sunday.

Amie said...

You manage to do so much... especially with all the sickness you've had... it looks like another great holiday. I hope April 1st comes fast!

Jenny said...

Your Easter egg hunt looked fun. Hope your feeling better soon.