Friday, April 18, 2008

Missed Moments Friday

I find that at the end of the week I've already missed several things that have happened that I never recorded and often times don't get recorded because I don't have time. I've felt for sometime now that I am not writing enough about the girls daily life; the little things they say and do that I know I will miss each day they grow older. I am starting a post called Missed Moments Friday that will document some of those things that I missed in their lives and in general. If there is nothing I've missed than I'll fill Friday up with something else!

Curriculum Fair: The girl's new school had a fun night last week called the Curriculum Fair. Each grade and class had a different project they were working on and presented it in booth form at the Fair. There were prizes and food and lots of fun! Some of the crafts their kindergarten class worked on were really cool! They made a panda bear out of paper mache that I didn't get a picture of that was really neat.

This area was where they got to work on being a dentist. They had a hard boiled egg sitting with the shell in cola. The children got to try to use a tooth paste and tooth brush to try to see if they could brush the stain off the egg. The kids were really excited about this project!
Cici's Protect the bald eagle sign.

Nini's protect the bald eagle sign

Their class has been learning a lot about endangered animals and made these picket type signs about saving the bald eagle. They were very proud of them!

Playground scare: I walked with the girls and our little dog Rolfe to the park on Thursday. Luck be it for the girls that their old school was having some sort of evening affair and the playground was full of a lot of their old friends from their french immersion school. Nini was beside herself running around yelling at everyone, poor thing - we had to have a little chat about calming down and enjoying her friends instead of constantly looking for more. I couldn't take the dog into the playground area and had to stand on the outside of the sandy area. Nini starts getting up on the monkey bars which she can do quite easily. Having had a long break from it, I think she was a bit scared and froze one bar into the set and hangs their. She looked at me to save her, but I figured she would just drop. Instead, within seconds, she puts her feet up through her arms and starts to do this summer salt thing in mid air. I'm running with the dog in toe -Nini wait, no! -freaked out she was going to drop right no her head. Fortunately, a very very nice man standing a couple feet away, sees her plight and saves her from falling. Whew, it was very scarie. We went back today and it was a lot calmer and no near fatal accidents.

Gymnastics: I was so excited to find the le petite gym opened about two miles from our home. It's the newest thing I've been to here in Montreal and it's just beautiful. The girls go once a week for a non-competitive gymnastics for an hour. They hired a great couple gymnastics team from Bulgaria who used to perform in Vegas for one of the Cirque de Soliel acts. They are just wonderful. Cici loves the beam and the floor, while Nini is a whiz at the bars.

The temporary residents of Montreal Club: So, it's not really an official club, but as everyone in the photo above is from different parts of the world, I thought it sounded clever! LeAnne on the left is from Australia and is here for the next three years. Kristen, in the middle is from Vegas and is here for probably another 12 months. She's expecting her fourth baby in June! We've started an informal gathering at least once a week to eat or talk. Today, I we were headed over to Kristen's to make crepes. When she came to pick the girls up for our carpool run to school she chimes that instead of crepes, let's wash our cars. I quickly replied timidly, OK? Anyway, I wasn't sure of the whole let's wash our own car thing, but it turned out to be a lot of fun, with three cars in her driveway, and each of us washing our car, and scrubbing it inside. I brought over our shop vac and we all took turns vacuuming it out. They weren't sure about the whole self-portrait thing, but they'll get used to it!

Ice Cream Sandwiches: These sandwiches turned out to be yumm-a-licsious! They are made from pillsbury chocolate cookie dough and vanilla ice cream. Simply put the cookies on the cookie sheet, bake, and freeze for about 10 minutes. Once the cookies are slightly hard, take a 1/4 cup or less of ice cream and push it on one of the cookies. Finish by sandwiching another cookie on top of the ice cream and eat! I actually liked them better the second day - so perhaps freezing them for an hour might make them taste even yummier! Calorie count on these is about 250, you can use light ice cream and it will be less; as each cookie is 100 calories. They were really easy to make!

Running shoes and weight goals: I decided to hit a few more stores and ended up finding a nice pair of Nike running shoes that work really well. I've managed to run everyday, three of the days for 30 minutes and one of the days 40 and today I walked with the double stroller ( the girls are the same weight just a bit taller than last year) for a half an hour and when Craig came home I ran for 25 minutes. I've lost three pounds and fit into a pair of jeans that I couldn't button a month ago! Yeah!

Do you find you miss great blogging memories?
Do you like ice cream sandwiches?
Do you think you could live in another country besides the one you're in now?!


jenny said...

I have missed several moments in the past couple of weeks, it makes me sad. I think that is a great way to document on "missed moments" The girls school sounds amazing. I never heard of something like that with dentistry. Very cool!

Glad that Nini didn't fall, that would have been very scary! And those ice cream sandwiches look delic!

linda said...

I'm just now embarking on my own running/walking plan. I'm still in the "don't enjoy it" phase. How long does it actually take to start liking it...because I just came in from my run/walk and all I have is a big ol' headache!

Elise said...

What a great idea to start this new post every Friday. In years to come, your darling girls will look at these posts and have a good chuckle at all of the things they got up to. They will really appreciate that their mum took the time to write aboout their daily lives.

Those ice cream sandwiches look so good and sound easy enough to quickly put together.

Jennfer said...

I can't believe how brave she was to do a sommersault on the bars! I bet she won't try that again any time soon! I hope one of those icecream sandwiches helped her feel better! Yumm-o

Nicole said...

Your ice cream sandwiches look so tasty...anytime you want to make dessert at my house-be my guest!
Maybe that's why I am not hitting my weight goal. Hmmm...

Bren's Life said...

I love all your memories.. The school projects look so cute. Love the alligators.
Now I eally want an ice cream cookie.. That looks so Good!

crystal said...

I would ADORE living in another country! (except anywhere I would be fed sushi...) I know there are challenges, but wow! what an opportunity for adventure.

I have that same shirt as your friend from Las Vegas. I love the idea of a car wash get-together. How creative!

I think blogging about your family should be a main focus of a mother's keep it up, friend!

Amanda said...

The school curriculum fair looks so fun! Love those creative ideas!

I would live in another country...I think. Sometimes I feel like I'm so far away from 'home' that I am in another country. There is a very different culture here that where I grew up!

Congrats on your exercise!

Chrissy, said...

Good job! I'm sure you will never regret gettin in to better shape. I want to post C.C.'s gymnastics class soon. So glad you found a place they love.