Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Rest, and Chocolate Cake!

We headed to the cabin on Saturday morning through the South Shore of Montreal. It's a different route than we normally take, but we wanted to see some different scenery than what we normally see on our way down. Lake Placid was our first stop, where I ran into the Gap Outlet and picked up a few things and we headed to an Adirondacks furniture store to pick up a lamp shade. Craig has started building a few things out of the wood that we have on our property at Acorn Cottage. Check this out...He built this using the tree that fell on our property this winter.

Craig's first side table.
We also went to the Lake to let the girls play in the water. It's not quite swimsuit time here, but we let the girls wade in the water.

On the way to the cabin we stopped at this old A&W that finally opened for the summer 20 minutes away from Lake Placid. It's so good and not anything like the city chains we are used too.

We spent two nights here and did a lot of this...

We are trying to clean off some of the land and this requires some burning of old branches. Our fire pit was definitely hot and the fire was very large. So large that Craig pretended to summon the fire Gods! I guess you had to of been their! It was quite funny - especially if your know Craig!

Monday we headed back home where we did a few errands and the girls surprised me with lunch at Chili's in Burlington. Taking the ferry over from Plattsburgh takes an hour off the drive to Vermont. When we arrived home, the girls and Craig sent me to the office where they prepared a little birthday surprise...

A very, very chocolate cake they found! Nini was excited to have me blow out the candles that after the birthday son, she proceeded to blow them out before I could! We relit them and then blew them out together while Craig snapped some photos!

A birthday, of course, wouldn't be a birthday without my girls making a complete mess of their cute little faces! All day the girls out of the blue would say to me, "Mommy, Happy Birthday!" "I love you"! It was so cute! My gifts I received last week fro mother's day, my Nikon camera and a IPod Shuffler for running - both gifts I will use everyday!

On other news! I am having a great time with my exercise routine. It's been so fun talking to my sister daily on our individual progress. She's been training for a triathlon and I've been looking for races - but haven't had any luck. I was speaking with a friend of mine who told me about a Montreal triathlon, something I never really considered, well, because I'm an elephant in the water. She's done several and has offered to help me with my swimming! It's in September, it's not official yet, but hopefully soon. I had a bug last week that left me with only three days of exercise, but I'm back on track now and just got done with riding for 30 minutes and running for 30 minutes. I tried doing some jump roping - but I was too tired. The best thing about my routine is that I feel really good and rested. I'm wondering how I can continue my regime in the winter? Any races in your future?


jenny said...

First Happy Birthday Michelle! Looks like a great weekend. I haven't seen one of those old A&W's for years. Doug had one by his house growing up but they have since torn it down.

Doug is currently trying to convince me to do a spring tri with him next spring. He has our entire family on the band wagon. I may be doing a marathon, but not sure yet next January. I think the biggest thing is I am afraid of injury and not being able to exercise anymore. Weird I know! (but I am married to a ortho guy)

Elizabeth said...

I am glad you had such a great birthday. What a great vacation spot you have.

Jennfer said...

I laughed at the fire gods picture of Craig. So funny!
Gonna try and tri eh? Yeah for you. I'm going to do another one in Sept, so we can cybertrain together!! You go girl!

Marie said...

My husband would have been chanting and dancing around the fire too.

I'm gla dyou had such a lovely birthday, and it is so sweet that your girls were so excited for you.

Congrats on the exercise. You are an inspiration. I feel like a hero after my 25 minutes of aerobics.

Claudissima said...

ooh looks like your celebration went well and it was fun getting away in the cabin! that cake looks delicious and the number soo fitting. happy birthday! The girls' mustaches look funny too!

Holly said...

Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had a great time at the cottage.

Good luck with your training for a TRI!! That's exciting!!

crystal said...

What a fun birthday weekend! Don't you love week-long celebrations? You are a GORGEOUS 35 :) I love that photo of you poised over your cake, blowing out the candles.

And what better way to celebrate your 35th that to begin training for a triathalon! WOWZA! You're amazing! I'm more than happy to be a bystander & cheer you on....


Amanda :-) said...

HaPpY BiRtHdAy !!!!

Love Craig's little table.
Good luck with your search for an ideal race.

Rachel Bagley Wurtz said...

Happy Birthday gorgeous! Chocolate would make my day for sure!

I think your cabin was a very wise investment! My goodness, you are creating lasting memories there!

I'm so happy you caught the exercise bug! It becomes addictive, but it's one of the few healthy addictions (within reason, of course). The gym is the only thing that saves mne in the winter...good luck!

Elise said...

It looks like you had a wonderful and memorable birthday. Lots of celebrating makes your day extra special and that's exactly what you deserve.

Good on you for being so determined with your exercise regime. A triathalon in the pipeline perhaps? That's exciting.


Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

What a fun birthday you had! the side table is cool. Chocolate cake, need I say more?!
Your exercise routine makes me tired just reading about it! :)