Friday, June 20, 2008

Galo and vacation checklist links.

Lunch at Galo Restaurant

I thought it would be fun to post one more pre-trip outing before we hit the road - literally! If I don't post this now, it will be forgotten and left behind in any vacation posts on our return. It's 12:40 and everyone is sleeping - except me! Why? Craig will be driving tomorrow and I won't. It is up to me to get the last minute things accomplished before our 5:30 a.m. departure. It's a bit early, but with St. Jean Baptiste weekend, the border is going to be a nightmare. We are determined not to sit in the long lines we endured last summer.

I have been trying to be adventurous with our newfound good weather and warmth. Many restaurants in Montreal, as in other parts of the world, go from in door to out door restaurants. While Monday I went with Kathy (friend from church) to a Vietnamese restaurant; Wednesday after the girl's graduation, Craig and I headed to a more locally owned restaurant in our neighborhood. It's a Portuguese grill that just opened around March of this year. We keep driving by it and saying "we should really try that place!" The girls chose to go back to school after the early morning graduation ceremony and Craig had an hour to kill before his next meeting.

It is a small place and I felt a bit silly pulling out my large camera to start snapping photos, but I decided to record this anyway! The salad was really nice, one of the best side salads I've had - and pretty too! Craig orderd the largest bottle of mineral water I've ever seen - personally, the stuff with "gas", as I they say, I could live without.

I ordered the grilled chicken, which was very good. It came with nothing on it but the meat and they served mayo on the side. Craig ordered churizo sausage , which I did not care for at all. The fries were good, but most are here in Montreal; everything comes with an order of fries. I felt bad leaving half of it behind, but I felt that I would not have eaten anymore once I left the restaurant. I can't say I'll go back, but I am glad I tried it!

Here are some great vacation and packing checklists for your next vacation:

I could not find one checklist that was perfect for our trip, our family, and how we travel. All of these lists and links were extremely helpful in breaking down every bit of the planning and packing aspect of our beach/cabin/hotel/camping road trip we are taking. If you are interested in my version of these checklists, leave your email in your comment and I'll forward it to you upon my return. Here are your checklist and planning links!

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Lastly, I've been working on putting together a craft blog. I can't think of what to name it other than this: Click Here

What do you think? Any other suggestions?

I am off for two weeks! I'll check in with everyone, if I have internet and perhaps post if I can - but otherwise - I'm off!

Check out my Tri-Athlon Sis! Good Luck Saturday!
Happy belated birthday Natasha!
And good luck Crystal!
Happy Birthday Mom (21st)! I love you!


Wendi said...

Wow--could you be ANY cuter? Seriously, you look SO cute in that first picture.

Jennfer said...

Have a great trip! I hope you get across the border with no lines at all.

Natasha said...

I think you are WAAAAAY organized, with all of these lists!!
Have a fabulous trip!

Monica M said...

Hey michelle I am going private. Please leave your email address and I will delete it as soon as I get it. Also, FYI, I have a hard time reading your blog because of all the pop ups that block it.

Marie said...

Isn't patio dining the best? So wonderful.

I thought your name for the craft blog was very clever actually.That seems to be the exact way I do things.

Have a great time on your holiday!

Laurie said...

I love trying new restaurants. And I love that you documented these.

I also LOVE checklists. Thanks for all the great links!

Amanda :-) said...

Michelle, I ADORE your outfit in that first picture. It's a total winner.

Also, it wasn't until I got into blogging that I ever saw people photographing their food. I think it so hilarious! I've seen it on many blogs, but never seen anyone actually doing it in a restaurant yet. It's a pain, too, though, cos these pictures always make me hungry :-/

Hope you're having a good holiday!

michelle said...

Have a wonderful vacation!!! I love the first picture of you dining!!! You look so pretty!