Monday, June 2, 2008

SPT and missed moments weekend...

Lelly's June SPT's look very thought provoking including this week's SPT challenge The emblem of the land I love. When I first took a photo of this sign proudly displayed at a roadside food stop in the Adirondack area, I thought it was very funny, cute, and a fun way to bring character to the establishment. But, upon closer look, I felt that this sign represented my love and respect for America and my choice picture for this week's challenge. I have always felt strongly that people should be free to express their creativity through media, books, speech, art, and thought. I don't always agree with others form of expression, however, I appreciate that it is their choice; and I appreciate my choice to disagree.I love that this sign expresses the owners beliefs with a little humor thrown in; all without overpowering the viewer. This sign is an emblem that freedom of speech, religion, and expression are why I love this land called America.


I've decided that this post is just way too long, but I am going to leave it as is - because, heck - I want too! It has been an excellent couple of days and weekend and I am grateful to finally be getting a chance to sit and record it. Last night, my friend Kristin's husband called around 3:30 a.m., I could hear somebody on the answering machine, but wasn't quite coherent enough to get up! He called back soon after, and this time I was up to answer it - Kristin was in the hospital and ready to have her baby. Like us, they are ex-pats living here, and don't have any family around, so we were lucky to have her three cutie's with us all day today. I kept my girls home from school, a kind of playing hookie day, and they watched movies, played outside, we went to McDonald's and did crafts here at my home. The mess wasn't too bad and as I was able to pick up as the day went along. Anyway, she had a baby boy! I've been up for almost 24 hours though, as I was having an insomniac night anyway. Maybe I shouldn't be posting in my state?!

My camera:
My Nikon camera was such a wonderful gift. I've had fun taking lots of photos, although, not a lot of time spent on how to work it though! Thursday while waiting to go to the Bistro with LeeAnne (I'll take photos next time!) I noticed that our entire street was lined in shade trees, like this one - literally. I don't know if I should call this photo shade tree, or cement tree - but either way I just couldn't help but snap this photo.
This weekend we spent some time at our cabin and planted some flowers in stone planter boxes. It was nice to have a bit of color throughout the green and brown forest. Towards night fall one night, when the sun was shining, I asked Cici to do some posing for me, this was the best shot - what do you think?


One of the best things to do in the Adirondack and Vermont area, is to hit the roadside stands they have along the way. We have one very close to our cabin, and despite the rain, we stopped in and got some ice cream - as you can see our dog Rolfe, also enjoys these roadside stops. It even stopped raining while we were eating it! I hope one Saturday to go on a roadside stand road trip, sampling food at various stands we've noticed during our trips. Should be fun!


I wasn't prepared for what the rain had brought us, lots of mosquito's and no bug protection. Let's just say I have 12 bites, including three on my back where I had a little patch of skin showing between my pants and shirt when I was doing some gardening! I really should tuck in my shirt when I garden! I tried to cover my arms to avoid further bites -but it didn't really work!

Craig's furniture creations:

Craig finally finished our lamp and side table this weekend. They are built from wood off our property, except for the lamp shade which was purchased at a store in Lake Placid. Craig's father was always building cabinets and things around their house, and Craig has always wanted to put what he learned from him to good use. What do you think of his creations?

Nini and the tooth fairy:

Nini lost another tooth! I didn't quite get a photo of her cute little bottom gap, because she was a bit perturbed that the tooth hurt coming out. Her last tooth didn't hurt at all, but the tooth fairy did bring her a tooni ($2)!

GoodMail and belated birthday:

I have felt quite spoiled this last week as I have received some very wonderful surprise birthday gifts from people I wasn't expecting. LeeAnne and I have been talking a lot about scrapbooking and she told about this great tote at Cosco for only $40 dollars. She said she had bought one for herself and was excited to use the stuff inside. I didn't realize that she was fishing to see if I would like it - anyways, it was quite a shock when she handed it to me this Friday. She doesn't have a blog - yet - but I must thank her anyways! Have you seen these?

Barb sent this wonderful Birthday card, I love the letter design on the front - very cute! She included a really sweet gift that she found in China town. You write your wish on one of the strips of paper, and follow the directions to fold it into a star. It's a really great idea and I can't wait to try it out! Thank you Barb!

Jill S. sent some really sweet cards my way! I love the colors and the font used on the front is very chic sweet! Thanks for sending these Jill!

Kristin and her kids gave this little necklace to me the week of my birthday. It's a magnetic latch, witch is really easy to put on. I was blown away by all these gestures of love and friendship. It's been awhile since I've had a close bond to someone living close to me. LeeAnne and Kristin have been such a blessing in my life and I thank them profusely for their friendship.

Did you do SPT?
Have you eaten at roadside food stops?
Do you like road trips?
How are you?!


lelly said...

i think your choice of an *emblem* this week is really great. the freedom of artistic expression is such an important one (i think, at least.)

love the shadow/cement tree and the furniture creations!!

taking a day to samplea all of the roadside stands sounds like a lot of fun.

Janna said...

Love your picture of the sign. And the top one too.

Your DH should sell the lamps.

Courtney said...

What a funny sign...I love our freedoms...kudos to those who can create!

Elizabeth said...

There is always so much fun for me to catch up on here. That is one thing I miss here on an island. The road trips.

Amanda said...

Your emblem is the sign! The deeper meaning is so true. Your week is review is awesome and Craig is quite the carpenter!

We love road trips! We're just gearing up for one this weekend to Cape Cod.

I haven't been good at reading blogs lately, but Happy Belated Birthday!!

Christensen Family said...

That sign is funny! And one of the things I love about America...there is room for everyone! Our road trips are part of the fun of vacations. I read this last week about the three college studens who were trying to break the Guinness World record for traveling to all 48 states. They did it in something like 106 hours, and their parting comment was to the effect of we just scraped the surface and we can't wait to go back and explore! Sounds like fun...maybe when the kids are just a little bit older...

Noriane said...

Michelle, I think I have those same dark gray pants! Are they linen and did you buy them at Banana Republic? I love those pants...but I would never garden in them, they're part of my "nice" clothes! I always love seeing pictures of your girls, they are so pretty and look so happy all the time. Have a great day!

michelle said...

I keep forgetting to SPT! I need to get back into the hang of it. I love the scrapbooking tote you recieved!!! I may have to go to Costco this week to see if they have any left!

The lamp your hubby made is great! I am glad your able to spend time at your cabin! I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will be able to get up to our this weekend! The weather up there is perfect. It is getting hot here. I think today we are supposed to be 103. Have a wonderful day! :)

Jennfer said...

So great! It's awesome that whoever made that sign thought about the readers of that sign. I love a good sense of humor!
Awesome post girl. I feel "caught up" on your life now.
Enjoy mom and dad this week!

Marie said...

A toonie for a tooth! Wow. She is totally lucky. I got a dollar for my first tooth and a quarter for everyone after that.

The rustic furniture is perfect for a cottage in the woods. He did a great job.

Bren's Life said...

I've never heard of a toonie. You have a beautiful cabin & the trees are so pretty...

The monkey bunch said...

I love the sign! And happy birthday!

Barb said...

That tree shadow photo deserves a frame!

Chrissy, said...

Wow Big post. Great picture of the tree. I'm taking photograpy form Nicole Hill. Her blog is the Little sussy on my sidebar. When your in town we can talk photography! As for photoshop I like Scott Kelby's books they are great!