Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Book Activity: No Hugs Till Saturday

The Book: Julie Downing created an amazing and refreshing look at a mother and child relationship. No Hugs till Saturday stars Felix a small dragon who loves to hug his mom. He's active and soon gets into trouble for not listening "Felix, Remember the rule. No playing ball in the house." Felix doesn't listen and the ball is placed high on a shelf. When quiet time was over, Mama was ready for a hug. "No more hugs!" Felix announced. "No hugs till Saturday." "No snuggles?" asked Mama. Felix shook his head. "How about a super squeeze or a monster mash?" Felix shook his head. "No hugs at all." Felix exclaims as he holds up a sign that says hugs with a red x through it.

Soon Felix realizes that it's Sunday and Saturday is a long way away. "What day comes before Friday?" "Thursday, " said Mama. "is that still a long time?" She nodded. "Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday all come before Thursday." "Well, I really meant no hugs till Thursday," Felix said.

The Activity: There wasn't a specific activity that we did with this book. It was great talking to them about and it was a source of conversation throughout the week!

What they learned: I love using children's books to help our family. It's true that when my children have toys taken away for varying reasons - they get frustrated with me. I used this book to show them that it's OK to get frustrated or upset at me. But that it shouldn't have to last long - it's OK to still want hugs and kisses and one on one time. When they get in trouble it doesn't change our affection for each other - something the girls needed to understand.


Jan said...

What a great book and lesson Michelle. Thanks.

Munchkins and Music said...

Looks fun! I like your ideas!

dani said...

hi, michelle:)
this has been the hardest part of parenting for me. as the disciplinarian in our house, it was always very difficult for me to juggle discipline with reassurance... as i never knew when to stop the discipline and start the reassurance without losing the lesson that needed to be learned???
(if that makes any sense;)

crystal said...

I love childrens' books, too. This is a darling one. Keep the suggestions coming!

Chrissy, said...

I love your reviews. I will be reading this one soon. I posted about our read of Libray Mouse. I linked to you hope that's okay.