Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Ferdinand Factor.

Recently our family sat together and watched the movie Ferdinand the Bull. I had seen it many times and was reminded of how sweet and cute is the character of Ferdinand. I felt a rush of realization hit me when I watched and realized that it must be a little reminder to me to enjoy my life more and take more time away from the business of our home and enjoy time with the girls. Here is a little about the story:
Ferdinand is a bull that isn't like most of the other bulls. He likes to sit under his tree and enjoys smelling the flowers. A bee stings him right when some men from neighboring towns have come to see who will be their next bull at the bull fight. The men misjudge his rage and send him to the ring to fight the matador. When it was time to fight someone threw down a bouquet of flowers and Ferdinand walked in front of it and sat down - to smell the flowers. No matter what people said or how angry they became - he just wanted to sit and enjoy the flowers. At the end, Ferdinand is back under his tree doing what he loves the most.

One might spin this as Ferdinand was stubborn, but rightly so as he knew what was important. I can tell you that I have enjoyed more moments like these lately. Especially now that the girls are back in school, our time is much shorter and more rushed. My husband's new calling in the stake seems to be taking him away more and he has a few trips coming soon that take him away during the weeks. I love that this attitude of enjoying the moment is a part of my way of thinking or I could find myself wishing about the past instead of enjoying the present.

Have you seen Ferdinand?
What's your take on this story?
About enjoying the moment?
PS. My sister Jennifer is doing well! She weathered the hurricane with her family without damage to her home. The power still has not returned, but with their generator they are enjoying more comforts than those without. She is definately seeing this like her blog title encourages - through a glass half full! Pop on over and wish her well, she'll appreciate your support!


Jenny said...

We had a book about Ferdinand. I did not know there was a movie. I will have to look for it. I think it is a cute story.

I am enjoying a quiet moment right now.

Kim Sue said...

I didn't know there was a book either, but I love the book - great story. I too like to have quiet time to slow down and make sure to pay attention to the good things in life.

Barb said...

I haven't seen the movie, I've just read the book. Cute story either way.

Jan said...

I am clueless. I guess I am always missing out.

Megan said...

Never heard of Ferdinand. Next library trip! Love the pictures of your girls. I cannot believe how grown up they are!

dani said...

hi, michelle:)
i've never heard of ferdinand the bull; but it sounds like a sweet, sweet movie!!!
as a person not to be hurried, ha, i always live in the moment:b
ps thank you again for the jenn update!!!

jenny said...

I haven't heard of this film. Glad to hear your sister is doing okay. That would be so scary!--I have been watching the after clips of all the damage.

Marie said...

Oh! That is one of my favourite children's books. I had no idea it was also a movie! I'll have to check around for it. It would be fun to show that to my kids.

Yes, I feel the same way. Now that Carter is in Kindergarten I feel like I am missing so much that when he is with me I just want to stop everything and follow his lead.

I hope Craig doesn't have to be away long.

Claudissima said...

what a cute photo. I have never seen the movie or book....but will look into it. tHANKS FOR the info.

michelle said...

This sounds like a wonderful book/movie! I am so glad to hear that your sister is doing well. That storm was something else!

SuzanSayz said...

I have always loved Ferdinand. Is it the Disney Cartoon? Or is there an actual movie? If there is I will have to watch out for it. I think you definately hit the nail on the head with what you get from it. It is such a sweet little story, and Ferdinand is so true to himself.