Monday, September 29, 2008

How to make: Knee High Socks into Leg Warmers.

My mind has been stuck on creating some cute leg warmers for my daughter to wear to ballet. I made some crochet leg warmers last spring, but they take way, way too long to create! While purusing our local dollar mecca store in Montreal, a crazy idea came over me and I just had to see if they would work.

The idea:
Take a pair of knee high socks in your child's size and turn them into Leg Warmers.

The How2:
1. With a pair of sharp scissors, start your cut at the top of the heel. Cutting it into a nice smooth angle and cutting out a majority of the heel and turn to cut the toe part of the sock off.

2. Turn the sock inside out and sew from the top of the sock to the bottom of the sock, making sure to stitch together your previous cut.

3. Make a 1/2 inch hem at the bottom of the sock to ensure the cuts won't fray.

4. Sew your decorations onto the sock. I used Barb's felt buttons she sent me last year and then sewed a button over the top.

You need:

1. 1 pair of socks - knee high length

2. Embellishments.

3. Sewing Machine with matching thread.

4. Scissors.

The results:

One very happy...and warm ballerina!

Email me if you have any questions!

Would you wear leg warmers as an adult?
Did you as a child?
Would you make these?


SuzanSayz said...

I actually thought about making those and selling them at my etsy store. Then I checked and everyone and their dog seemed to sell them. And also, just like you, I figured they would be so easy to make yourself, why bother buying them. My daughter in law's neighbor makes them and has made some for my grandaughters. Your's are so cute Michelle. I love the cute little flower. If no one makes them where you live, who knows maybe you could sell them. Especially if you can get the socks at the dollar store.

Jenny said...

This is something my daughter Rebecca would love. Think I will whip up a pair for her.

Melinda said...

I hope Craig had a great bday. Those socks are so cute. Once again, you are so talented.

Kim Sue said...

super cute, and yes in the 80's but no way now :)

Jennfer said...

So cute you clever thing you.

And...Happy Birthday Craig!

dani said...

those are great, michelle:) i had one pair of leg warmers when i was a freshman (jr. high;). they rocked!!! mine were izod/lacoste, navy blue with white winter designs... (can you tell, 24 years later, that they left a lasting impression??? ha!!!)
i hope your girls will treasure theirs even more given that you made them!!!

Natasha said...

Oh yeah, I used to love my leg warmers!
These are adorable!!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Very cute! WAY cuter than the way leg warmers looked when I wore them! Good Job!

Barb said...

Tres Michelle: Cute and Creative!

Chrissy, said...

I make these last week! Out of some old princess kneehighs that were too thick for the girls to like. Now they are perfect. Thanks

Chrissy, said...

P.s. I love the ladybug tights. Really love love them.