Sunday, October 19, 2008

Energetic children make great singers!

Primary program day
October 2008

Today was the children's primary program. It is an opportunity for children in the LDS church to show their parents and members of the congregation the things that they have been learning. This year's theme is I am a child of God. The children had the opportunity all year to learn about how they are children of God and what they can do to prepare themselves for baptism, being missionaries, the importance of reading the scriptures, and being kind and loving and that it is always important to choose the right!

Last May 2007, I was called to be the primary chorister for the Montreal Ward. The children were full of energy, lots of it, and it was difficult to figure out just how to best organize my time for such an active group of kids. The program last year was on the same weekend as our trip to London, I was extremely disappointed that I wasn't in attendance as I heard they did a great job! This year though, I wanted to make sure I was in town. I was so proud of all of them for singing so clearly and loudly! They did a great job and it was a pleasure to be in front of them and seeing their happy excited faces. The more I've served in this calling, the more I realize just how blessed I am and how much I love these kids and this primary. I am grateful that all that energy makes them great singers!
Have you had your primary program?
Do you have a similar program in your church?

OMMPD: Cici loves to copy her mom and gets so excited when we match or have like interests. I like to doodle and have recently purchased a pad of drawing paper. She loves to look over it and oooh and awwww of the little drawings, which aren't much, but to her - they are gold! Nini yesterday, after practicing on Saturday at the church for the primary program, if I could "please, please" be the one that helps her with her speaking assignment. The mother's day program last year was so scary for her that she got up in front of everyone and froze. I was three feet away from the podium, and was so glad that I could help her complete her little talk! Later that day in primary when the missionaries were talking asked a question to the children, Nini, who hates to speak in public, promptly raised her hand, and after being picked - answered the question! It was a great feat for her! Yeah!


Jan said...

Primary programs are the best. I bet the kids really enjoy you. Now for the next 2 months anyways, you can sing anything you want.

Good job everyone. Thanks for sharing.

donna said...

Ours is next week.. I so look forward to the primary program..
Cute picture of you and your girls.

Natasha said...

That is a great pic of the 3 of you!

Elizabeth said...

What a sweet picture.
you can do those large tile posters (kai's birthday) at

Bren's Life said...

Ours is next week. I just got put into primary last week. It's alittle crazy. The whole preaping for next week! Yikes

dani said...

hi, michelle:)
that is a beautiful picture of you and your girls... i'm so glad your program went well and that you were able to be there to enjoy it!!!
we do have primary programs throughout the year and one sunday set aside as children's sunday where the children do the whole service. they are some of my very favorite services.
it is great that cici has become more confident. good for her!!!

Jenny said...

I was primary choister up until 3 months ago. I love teaching the song "If The Savoir Stood Beside Me" I just love that song. As it has been a while since I have been to our ward I don't think they have done the program as of yet. I think it is coming up. Maybe I will get to go and see it. Which would be a wonderful blessing.

Jenny said...

Forgot...Thank you for the card. I just love it. Posted about it.

Kim Sue said...

beautiful picture of you guys

michelle said...

That is such a beautful picture of you three girls! I look forward to the primary program every year. This year I felt lucky I didnt have to be up on the stand, and was able to enjoy from the benches. :)

Wendi said...


That's cute that Cici likes to match. My Isabel loves to do that too.

Amanda said...

Awesome picture! I always look forward to our primary program. Last year I was in charge of it and was home vomiting and couldn't make I know how you feel! Ours is coming up soon and I'm no longer in Primary so I'm looking forward to it! The kids always come through and sign their best for that day.

Marie said...

We have our primary presentation this Sunday. Wish us luck!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

We haven't had ours yet. But it is always my favorite sacrament meeting. So glad that you got to be there this time.