Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween at home.


It feels good to finally post a few of our Halloween and fall decorations. I keep seeing so many neat ideas like the ribbon garland that Linda made for her contest a couple of weeks ago. I was so excited to be her winner, check out her masterpiece:

Thanks so much for this thoughtful contest, it really is beautiful! I haven't even touched the outside except for a fall wreath on the door. I purchased this caution tape for outside, but couldn't resist putting a little inside, who says bows can't go on anything?

These are fun, as we put them on the kitchen table. The lights were about $4.00 per strand; place them in a large glass container, wrap some ribbon, embellish, and BOO - you've got a lighted center-piece! The best thing about these lights is they turn off and on.

I stole the glass filled with skulls and eyeballs from my friend Kristen. The photos behind it are of this, I put together last year, and the sign was a buck at the dollar store!

The girl's favorite is Stanley the skeleton. He was lovingly named by the girls and would of course be their favorite, since Stanley is taking a bath in his punch bowl sized bathtub of candy!

This is Sparkley! I don't think I've captured his cuteness or done him any justice with this photo, but I fell in love with this little guy the moment I saw him. He is and will be the only cat that will enter our home - hopefully ever! He is now our new Halloween mascot. I think every holiday should have one, and he is ours to stay! I picked him up at our Canadian Wal-mart -for anyone who thinks he's as cute as I do!

And now onto more pressing things like five loads of laundry to fold, and hopes of being in bed before midnight! Before I say good-bye though, I will share my OMMPD (one mommy moment per day). I realized recently that not only have I not been posting about the little mommy events in our life, but I haven't been keeping a journal either. I thought that if I could post at least one mommy moment per day, it might just make up for my lack of journaling and preserve some of those special moments.


OMMPD: This morning Nini was very nervous. It was supposed to be her first ever test. They were going to be tested on the sight sords: see, the, no, we, can, come, and get. She has been having a hard time remembering them and we've worked really hard on them. She went into school today expecting her test and with her cute brave face ( I need to capture this). When I came to pick them up at school, the moment she saw me she ran over (not the norm) jumped in my arms and gave me a kiss. I asked her how her test went and she said she didn't have to take it! She was so relieved and I was right in her way to get the reward from it - a great big hug and kiss! They also had their first piano lesson today!

Do you have a Halloween mascot?
What is your OMMPD?


Mandy said...

Your house looks very cute and festive!

Nikki said...

Very cute decorations!! What a nice prize to win.
My OMMPD lasted from midnight to 4:30 am trying to stay awake with a 4 year old who wouldn't go to sleep. Not a great moment, but actually kind of funny at times. I had to video tape some and post it on my blog.
Your Nini is too cute- what fun to get that hug! She sure loves her Mommy!

Laurie said...

I love your OMMPD today! Jemma's been exactly the same way about those very same sight words.

I love your mantel and various Halloween decor. Very festive.

Lauralee said...

love your ribbon garland.. beautiful wreath that you hung it with a ribbon.. nice caution tape in a bow too.. cute!

nini is cute.. love those unexpected moments of pure joy!

linda said...

We have the same exact mascot...and I tie a cute little ribbon around his neck too! He guards our front door.

I'm glad that you got the garland. It looks great on your mantle. I'll be making another one tomorrow for a friend who has a birthday this week. She doesn't decorate much so maybe this will get her in the mood.

Your home looks terrific and I bet your girls love it. My two don't live at home anymore but I still decorate, even if it's only for me to enjoy.

Jan said...

Your home decor is stunning Michelle. I love that giveaway you got from Linda. Hello, so cute. You live in such pretty surroundings inside and out. You are so blessed.

Bren's Life said...

I love all your decorations.. I love the skulls & the eyes in the vases. That is so creative..
I am seeing so many cute new ideas in blog land that I don't want to get my old halloween stuff out. I want to do all these new fun things..

Jenny said...

I am truely inspired. Funny thing is this is the first day of our fall break. I was ready when I got up to get out our halloween decor boxes and start setting up things. I love the center piece idea. I am going to look for some bats today to hang on our porch. Love it when we all share easy to make ideas.

michelle said...

Your Halloween/Fall decorations are darling!!! You have such great taste! I love the ribbon garland that Linda made. I was just thinking of all of the different holidays they could be made for.

Holly said...

Your decorations are festive and fun. Congrats on winning that garland--what a neat idea to make it out of ribbon. Love it!

I really like your wreath too.

donna said...

love it.. You help me with my house....??????

Carolee said...

Seriously the pictures you took of your house are like the ones I see in magazines!! I think I say this every time I see your creativity...could you please pass it on to me:)

SuzanSayz said...

I LOVE everything Michelle. My daughter Courtney was looking over my shoulder at all the pictures and said to me "why don't we ever do stuff like that"?
Oh for one of my biggest mommy moments I guess you would need to go to my DIL Lisa's blog and click on her link a few posts back. My oldest son and daughter get into a big heated political argument on my son's blog and it is quite entertaining.

dani said...

michelle, i have two mascots by the names of mia and maisey (my precious black cats)!!! however, if anyone would like to have them, they come with a brand new litter box, just let me know, ha:D

Munchkins and Music said...

You are such a good mom! Those are sooo cute! I need to put up my decoration still. My kids love the decorations when I do. :)


wow!! look at your awesome Decorations!!!!! i wish you could come over & do that to my house, too!!!!

looking very very cute & a little spooky, too!!! ♥ i love it!!!!

Natalie said...

Love the decorations... I better get cracking!

Marie said...

You have done way more than I have. I have a few things up, but not a single repeat from yours. Isn't that funny? Yours turned out great.

And I love your OMMPD idea. So important to document those.

Elise said...

Hi Michelle

You have done such a great job of decorating your house. It looks fabulous and your girls will always have such precious memories of the way in which their mummy decorated the house.

The mooning scarecrow is hilarious - who would have ever thought to use pumkins for the purposes of mooning people.

Lots of love

Mikki said...

I just love all your decorations! So cute!

Natasha said...

Love that ribbon garland from linda and her notecards from Goodthings.

Claudissima said...

oh what cute decorations. I love it. I love the little sign that says treat or trick....\I have not done much for this holiday, I should go and buy a pumpkin seems like sometthing nice to do for the wekeend.

carlo said...

loving the decor. and the stunning fall pics. it is always fun to read about your family travels. wonderful to see where you have been

Wendi said...

Loving the OMMPD's.

Wish that I was not such a scrooge about holiday decorating. I just never get into it!

I need to try harder.

Barb said...

The caution tape tied into bows I can totally get on board with. Simple, but effective.