Thursday, October 16, 2008

Meeting a real author.

My daughters, after reading the Library Mouse, feel that they are authors themselves. They still take white pieces of paper, staple them together and make little books. It's just one of those stories that stays with you! While enjoying the county fair like feel of events in Salem, Mass. the girls were lucky enough to meet a real life published children's book author.

Donna T. Trickett sat with a decorative witch hat waiting to sign her book A Witch with an Itch. We originally passed her up for other activities, but after a short conversation with Cici about meeting a real life children's book author, she was much more enthusiastic about going and meeting her.

A Witch with and Itch, is about Helga a very curious witch that lives in the woods, minding her own business and enjoying life. One day while resting about the leaves, she encounters green shiny leaves in bunches of threes. She likes them so much she takes them home to put in her tea. Helga, soon discovers that these shiny leaves give her quite the itch!

I loved that the girl's got to meet Trickett, maybe just maybe, it might inspire them to be a writer! Have you heard of this book? Any encounters with these shiny leaves?
OMMPD: I approached the girl's teacher today to check-up on the progress of Nini. She told me how well she was doing and couldn't say enough about her. Than she began to tell me about Cici. She said that Nini sometimes struggles with the work at school, but that her sister, Cici, always - "always" tries to stick up for her sister when she see's her struggling. It was really nice to hear that they really do love each other!
What is your OMMPD for today?


Mikki said...

I haven't heard of this book, but it sounds really cute. My kids got to meet an author at their school last year. I think his name is David Green, (can't remember for sure). He writes some of the silliest poetry I've ever read.

Melinda said...

How fun to meet an author. My kids have before and they thought it was so cool.

That is very sweet that the girls are looking out for each other. Good for them.

linda said...

The book looks absolutely adorable...and how fun for the girls to get the chance to meet and talk with the author!

I recently hiked 3 1/2 hours down a mountain and had to avoid the poison ivy. Luckily, I've never had a run-in with it.

What a sweet sister story. The bond between sisters, especially twin sisters, is nothing to tamper with!

Natasha said...

My Luci loves to make her won books too - stapling papers together to document her stories.

dani said...

that is great that they were able to meet and be inspired by ms. trickett (what a cute story/illustrations... did she also illustrate her book???)
i will assume that it was poison ivy or oak??? i have only had one bought with it when i was 9; but the one bought was enough to last me, HA!!!

dani said...

ps i meant bout not bought, tee-hee!!!

SuzanSayz said...

How wonderful for them to have that experience with a real author. You never know, I wonder how many authors today got their inspiration from meeting real authors.
It touches my heart to read about how loving Cici and Nini are with each other. There are times when it's hard to remember that siblings really do love each other. Sometimes they can be so nasty to each other. I think that makes it even more touching that when the chips are down, you know they truly are there for each other.

donna said...

How cool.. Your family always do the coolest things.

Claudissima said...

what a fun thing to do....I am amused that she is dressed as a witch fun.

Elise said...

Hi Michelle

What a wonderful and beautiful opportunity for your girls to meet an author. I bet that book is extra special because they spoke to the person who wrote it.

What a special bond your girls obviously share. I love that the girls help each other out - "beauty full".


leanne c said...

hey michelle i havent seen this book before it looks cute. MY children have been lucky enough to meet the author of a booke that we brought. I also love that your girls look out for each other.

Jenny said...

We love to read. I will have to look for this book to share with my girls. I think they would love it.

Cristin said...

How fun for your girls and for you! (She looks like a delightful lady...and how clever that she is dressed like a witch!) I love outings like this...

...thank you for your fun card!

carlo said...

how cool is that????????

your card brightened my day! thanks for remembering me