Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Salem/Boston Roadtrip

I love the way that Natasha details her trips - she calls it the good, bad, and ugly! I hope she doesn't mind me completely using this idea on my blog to detail this vacation; however, I will change it to the great, good, bad and ugly, just to put a more me spin on it! Thanks for this idea Natasha! The video details most of the sites of our three day weekend, but here is a list view of the things that made our trip a lot of fun!

The great: My favorite moment was the over all fun experience we had within the town of Salem. It was almost like being in a fair, except in the middle of a town. I'm not sure how it is the rest of the year, but the Halloween in Salem is a blast and a perfect fall getaway! Here are a few things we enjoyed:

Salem Witch Museum
Children's fair.
Fry bread
Hot Dogs
Random people in costumes.
The Witch House

The good: My mom is such a great genealogist. She has spent hundreds if not thousands of hours putting together her ancestral line. Years ago she sent a movie to us called Three Sovereigns for Sarah, about three sisters who were all accused of being witches during the 1692 witch trials. Sarah Cloyce, Rebecca Nurse, and Mary Etsy somehow have been connected through our genealogy lines as being related to us. It was really neat being able to document with photos their monument separated into a bench for each witch that was hanged and the one that was crushed to death during the trials.

The tour was a lot of fuN! We stopped off before the tour to a few landmarks, but didn't get to make it out to Lexington/Concord. The leaves were absolutely crazy beautiful through VT and NH!

The bad: We didn't realize that a lot of the museums were so crowded during this Halloween season that they only will let you in with a tour. We paid for the seven gables home, but didn't get to go in because it conflicted with bedtime! We'll have to plan this better next time. We had a few tantrums, because of late nights, and the drive back seemed to take - forever!

The ugly: We made the mistake of mentioning to the girls that these three sisters were related to us - it caused them much concerned, especially Nini - she couldn't quite understand that she they were ancestors. She seemed to think they were an immediate relation recently lost. She still brings it up - poor thing.


donna said...

MIchelle, what a great trip. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.
SALEM looks like the place to go for Halloween... SO FUN.

I so want to back east. I have never been. Ryan has said that he would take me that next summer. I am so excited to go......

Marie said...

Yes, I bet it would be disturbing to a little girl to think that her great-great-great etc grandmother was a real live witch. Well, an accused one.

Such horrible deaths they put those women to. Glad I live now.

I loved the picture slide show. What fun.

Jan said...

Wow, the stories you have told. That was a lovely trip. Scary on some parts, but loved the flag ones alot. I think Cheers would have been fun to see too. I love that you are able to roam alot. You have such a great tank of memories you are filling up. Thanks for taking us along for the ride. That is so interesting about your mother and how she is finding those things out.

Jenny said...

Love the video you put together. I need to learn how to do this. What a great trip even if it had its bad and ugly moments. Your making memeories with your girls that will last a life time.

leanne c said...

Hey Michelle, once again you have put together a beautiful video of your holiday. Our family will have to try and go to salem befor we go back to Australia to live.

Jennfer said...

I'm tired of playing Hola phone tag with you girl!
I can't wait to hear more about your fun trip. What a great time. And to see witches in Oct, xtra awesome.

michelle said...

Wow, this looks like it was a great trip! I would love to visit Salem this time of the year. I love the fact that you do so many wonderful memory making things with your girls. Memories are the best! :)

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Looks like it was a great get-a-way! Some day I'd like to visit the east in fall!

dani said...

michelle, i love new england in the fall:) my parents used to own a b&b in nh; fall/Christmas were my favorite times to go!!!
your slide show is great. did you do it on power-point???

Kim Sue said...

I had seen a special about October in Salem and it looked like lots of fun...glad you guys enjoyed it so much. Sorry the girls are upset by "your loss".:o(