Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Very, Very Happy Bin!

There once was an empty bin

just sitting their waiting to be used and loved.

When a busy house wife came along with pens, pencils, nic nacs,

and stuff, hurrying and scurrying.

"No time to sort!" she said, "I have to go.

Where can I put all this stuff that's out of place?"

And that's when she saw it, that empty bin -

"Oh, a perfect place to put it - for now - and when I return I'll get to it then!"

This is a very, very happy bin - as it is still sitting filled to the brim.
Do you have bins like these?
Do you have a junk drawer?
Do you sort and not bin?


Jan said...

"Bin" there. Done that. Of course.

Amanda said...

ooooh yes.

One junk drawer in the kitchen.

And I usually grab a laundry basket at the end of the day to put miscellany in for the kids to put away.

Chrissy, said...

I would have a junk bin or drawer but my husband forbids it. I stick things in the drawer and cabnets and he keeps cleaning them out. Never complains just has to have all counter tops and drawers clean. I even periodicaly open my tooth brush drawer in the bathroom and to my surprise it's neat as a pin. I'm probrably the only woman with this problem.

Holly said...

I am a fan of the empty bin. My problem is stashing miscellany in one, and then never clean it out. So therefore I have very few empty bins.

lelly said...

i. have. several.

SuzanSayz said...

I've never met Mikki, but we must have been seperated at birth. Each one of her messy spots matches each one of mine. I may just have to go say hello.

Michelle Lindsay said...

Chrissy - I will gladly take that problem! So funny!

dani said...

no, i'm VERY organized, michelle:)

Elizabeth said...

I think I have ten too many junk bins.

Melinda said...

I think I have too many of those bins. I need to go through mine and reorganize them. I love bins and help with the organization.

Shauna said...

Oh Yes! Hey I ♥ your blog! I just signed up to follow it :) Have an awesome weekend!