Friday, December 19, 2008

Conga lines, princes, grandma's, and concerts!

A 1st grade conga line?
Cici is the one in back,
School Christmas Party 2008

I am sitting here trying to quickly write out post, while simutaneously wondering if I've gotten everything taken care of for Christmas - now less than a week away; and realizing that I need to use the ladies room - but will bounce my leg up and down until I am finished with my post!

What event would bring this much joy to a child's face? Sassy, the girl's grandmother, and my mother-in-law arrived last week from Utah. They are loving her presence in our home and will continue loving it until Spring. After years of working, Sassy is finally retired and will be staying with us for three months, so she can spend some quality time with her grand kids. It will be a few fun and interesting couple of months!

I hope that Miss Rachel sends me her information soon, or I'll have to pick another winner for my Anne of Green Gables contest. I'll give you to December 26, 2008 at 12:00 p.m. (est) to reply or I'll redraw a new name! Get back to me please!

My parents for the girl's Christmas present, wanted us to take them to a performance of the Nutcracker. Knowing the girl's Russian background, we opted for a one of a three night performance of the St. Petersburg ballet. We opted for the matinee so the girls wouldn't be overwhelmed or too tired. They did an absolutely fabulous job and loved every moment! They even got to meet the prince, who also doubled as the nutcracker. I wish I had better photos, but I didn't want to be bothered by my huge camera - in retrospect - I should of taken it!

Our cards are going out this weekend, thanks to my procrastination and most of our shopping is finished. Montreal has been blanketed with snow several times since my last post and it's very cold!

Cici and Nini's school planned a Christmas Concert for the parents. I am very thankful for my zoom lens - or I wouldn't have gotten any photos of them. They stuck the parents in the balcony over the gym! They did a great job!

How's your weather?
Are you completely finished with shopping?
Have you mailed your cards?


dani said...

i hope you've gone to potty by now, michelle:) the girls' Christmas party and program looks like it was so fun as well as their trip to the ballet:) i hope they enjoyed it all and will remember this year for many years to come.
how great that grandmother, sassy, will be able to spend some time with your girls; grandmothers are so special!!!
the weather here is 60 and balmy today, however, a cold front is moving through and with it will come VERY cold temps. the high monday is forecasted to be 10 degrees f!!!
i hope you are enjoying your snow and your company:)
merry Christmas!!!

Heffalump said...

We have had snow all week! School was cancelled twice, (today included) and we are missing our usual balmy winter weather of temps in the 40's. It's COLD for here, but not as cold as where you are!
That is great that your Mother in Law is visiting with you! What a wonderful opportunity for the girls to get to know her even better!

Jenny said...

We are covered in snow.

I am so not done with my shopping!

Along with only half my cards being addressed. They will go out.But be recieved late. Even the one for you will be late.

I really don't like this feeling of rush rush rush. Which has how I have felt the last few day.

donna said...

What a busy few days you had. How fun that you and your family got to see the Nutcracker. What a cute picture of your girls and one of the dancers.
Wow your MIL will be with you till spring. You are such a wonderful DIL! :)
Here in Washington is cold with snow on the ground and the weather man says MORE snow Saturday night. !

Marie said...

We are going to have a white Christmas over here! I am so excited! It is cold, don't get me wrong. It was -25 today, and -35 with windchill, but it is supposed to stay bone cold until Christmas, so it won't get a chance to melt. Then on Chrismtas we are supposed to be at -2, which is beautiful! And I hope to go sledding on that day.

Enough about weather. I loved your post and that you are having such a fun time preparing for Christmas. We are getting it all done, but it feels like we are doing it closer to the end of the month than last year. We wrapped all the presents last night, and I had so much fun imagining their faces when they come into the living room on Christmas morning!

Okay, this is turning into more of a letter than a comment. Love you.

SuzanSayz said...

First here are my answers;
Our weather is cold with about 6 to 9 inches of snow.
I hope to finish off my shopping tonight with an unsuspecting husband in tow.
The only thing I have mailed lately are bills. I'm too much of a procrastinater to ever even attempt to do Christmas cards.
Now for commentary.
I just love that the girl's school is brave enough? to actually call it a Christmas concert. Good for them, and how cute are those two girls.
Also how great that you took them to such a magnificent production of the Nutcracker.

Dacia said...

What cute pictures! How fun it will be to have grandparents around.

goodpeoplegoodtimes said...

The girls look so cute! How much fun that would be to see the Nutcracker! Glad to hear you are all doing so well. It sounds like your going to have a white Christmas too. Can you believe Palmdale still has snow from 3 days ago? Don't think it will still be here Christmas morning but the kids have enjoyed it just the same. Take care & Merry Christmas!

Melinda said...

I hope you made it to the bathroom before any accidents! haha.

You have been busy and it all looks like it was so much fun.

Natasha said...

How fun to have Sassy for 3 months!

leanne c said...

hey michelle
how are you? we are doing well and arrived safely,could you let kristyn know as my cell doesnt work here and my mum doesnt have internet access , so i popped into my friends house and she let me use her computer
have a great chtistmas all our love leanne andrew and kids.

Amanda :-) said...

Wow, that will be an amazing 3 months that the girls have their grandmother around. It will be interesting to see how they change and develop with a grandparent so closely on-hand.

The girls look absolutely gorgeous at the ballet. You dressed them beautifully!