Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A little moon and some vacuuming.

Does this happen to you? You are minding your own business doing chores around the house, when you have to lean over and pick something up, or in my case vacuum. Is it inevitable that giggles will ensue from your children and chuckles will begin from your spouse, regarding your - well - little moon? I am grateful, as I'm sure you are too, that the light shining through the window hit me just right!

When will pants be made for a woman?
Are you glad it's Friday? Big plans?


donna said...

Ryan took a picture of me like that the other day.

My big plans for friday. Hmmmm cleaning the house.
What fun!

goodpeoplegoodtimes said...

Heehee! That is so funny! Here I thought Tim was the only one to capture those moments. Your a brave woman for posting them (you look great though)-would never never post mine. Not very photogenic-especially not when it's unexpected.

Melinda said...

Baby Ryan likes to try and zerbert me when I am hunched over like this. He thinks it is so funny.

Bren's Life said...

You are too funny! This drives me crazy. I wish they would make comfortable pants that don't do the plumbers show!

Natasha said...

Okay this is hysterical!!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

daily! but thankfully, I have others who seem to have a little moon showing too, so I get my revenge! :)
So funny that you posted this picture... not sure I would!