Monday, December 22, 2008

Post Cards from the North Pole.


Ausuble River, NY

It is such a great feeling to come across something like this and no human being could have possibly of made something as spectacular as this. I don't speak for the actual photo taking, but the beautiful of the falls and frozen ice - it's just beautiful! This is Ausable Forks, NY and our family was fortunate to drive past, have no cars behind us; which allowed me to climb up on the fence and take this photo. Isn't is so cool!

A pose with the Christmas Cards.

I waited to mail most of my cards until we could visit North Pole, NY one of at least two places in the states that receive and respond to actual letters from Santa. The post office is small and quaint and attached to a very retro amusement park that I just loved.

Nini spots Santa coming...

They had little performances which included Santa entering on a sleigh being pulled by an real reindeer, Alice, Ragedy Ann, and other animals. They sang and danced while we all watched and froze! Then we headed to Santa's house...

..where the girls met this wonderful Santa. He was so super with the girls and this shot was my favorite. It's funny, when put on the spot, Cici asked for a Teddy Bear, and Nini asked for a football - I guess she's been watching A Christmas Story one too many times.

The rides were few, but with it being winter and freezing outside, the lines were non-existant, and quaint. They were made just for small kids to ride and the girls made sure to hit this one, the carousel, the swinging swings, and the Christmas tree ride - and let's not forget a train ride.

We stayed at Acorn Cottage until Sunday hoping to come back for church in the morning. When we awoke to snow and more coming, I had to call and cancel my violin solo, and hope that my good friend Kathy could fill in for the primary conducting, and some of our missionaries could fill in for me on the piano.

On Acorn Cottage before the 2nd storm this week.

We headed back to Montreal slowly, but less than a mile from our cabin a young mother with her two kids had slid into the embankment. She seemed a little out of it and it had looked like she had been sitting their for awhile. We went back and got our snow shovel and Craig started digging her out. Her kids were OK, thankfully. Soon after, several vehicles we had seen pass us, came back and she had abou five men helping her get out. Long story short, she got out and we proceeded to get back home seeing five other accidents along the way. We must have gotten at least 15 inches.

How many of you are snowed in?
Is Christmas like you thought it would be this year?
Are you finished with your shopping?


Marie said...

That North Pole, NY looks like a very fun place to visit. I wouldn't be able to resist taking a family photo for NEXT year's card!

I loved that there was a Canadian flag on the airplane even though it was in the States.

dani said...

ny's north pole reminds me a little of indiana's holiday world in santa claus, indiana:) hw is about 70 miles north and east from the lane... it's neat to have access to such great places!!!
michelle, we are not snowed in, but we have a winter system heading our way. right now, it looks like ice not snow. hopefully the forecasters are wrong... as icy conditions are so dangerous.
i suppose you know a little about that though, right:? i'm relieved that everyone was ok in the accident upon which you all happened and that you made it home safely.
your photos are great... wow, that was a true winter wonderland:D

donna said...

wow what a fun place. YOUR family always does such wonderful family stuff.
What a winter wonderful land.:)

yes we have snow and yes i am done with all my shopping.!

Elizabeth said...

This is my favorite of your road trips yet. And that photo is amazing. It doesn't look real.

Melinda said...

That place looks soo cool. What a fun time. You guys find the best places to go!

Holly said...

What a treat to visit the North Pole! Love the idea of mailing your cards from there.

Your pictures look great--and make me want to grab a blanket--brrr.

michelle said...

Michelle, the picture looks right out of a story book! It looks like the perfect place to be this time of the year. Have a beautiful Christmas!

Carolee said...

What a great place to visit!! I LOVE the picture you took, so beautiful!

I am living in the snow for the 1st time this year and driving can be crazy. Glad you made it home safe.

leanne c said...

Hi Michelle absoloutely love the photos and missing you very much but the warm weather here is great Have a great christmas love the careys

Natasha said...

Looks magical!

Barb said...

That is awesome! I have never heard of NP, NY!

Jenny said...

what a wonderful service your family provided for that mother and her children.

we have had a lot of snow. I have not wanted to drive anywhere. But grateful that when we go back to school on the 5th and work. I have 4 wheel drive.

carlo said...

oh my that pic-- stunning!

loved your photo card and noticed the post mark right away. so cool

love retro places like that.

Laura said...

I loved the pic of the river. Have you thought of submitting that to a photo contest of some sort?

We've had snow, but nothing like you! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Cristin said...

Oh my...what a magical place to be!

Monica M said...

Wow that is coolest thing ever.

Amanda :-) said...

Ahhh! I was quite taken with the postmark on your Christmas card envelope - this explains it all :-)

What a FAB place. I don't mind places being small and quaint if they can give such attention to detail as this place. Even down to Santa's glasses. So many 'Santas' miss this small detail. Santa's GOT TO HAVE little round specs!

I'm glad Craig was able to help that mother. She was truly stuck, wasn't she? Good old Craig!

Amanda said...

Insane picture! That is so beautiful...what a wonder of nature!

I am so jealous of you for mailing your cards from that darling place! The little kids park is so sweet.

I have wanted to mail my cards from Bethlehem, CT for the past 3 years. Next year or bust!