Friday, January 9, 2009

52 weeks of Illuminating Motherhood.

I love the idea of talking with other moms about motherhood. There are so many words that describe motherhood, please join me each week and tell us how you feel about being a mother. I will be hosting a topic each week from the illuminating motherhood tree, link your blog to your motherhood post and let everyone read you thoughts and ideas on the subject. I may have to catch us up on some of the weeks with two topic that are related.

I will start the first week with Surprised. Yesterday, my Nini came to me with a problem that was giving her much grief. She repeated the story of one of her school mates, a boy, who could make noises with his arm pit and knee. She was very troubled that she could not figure out how to do this. Enter her daddy, a few minutes of trying, and Nini has now become a very highly successful armpit player - or whatever the name is for it.

I was surprised to find myself high fiving her for this success and asking her repeatedly to show it to me again. We had a great many laughs out of this! Nini and I have an unsaid agreement, which is: she doesn't need any help - she can do it herself. However, this doesn't always work, as she is six, and there are great many things that she does need supervision or help. I love it when things come her way that she can truly do herself. She had the desire, asked the right person, practiced, and now is a true armpit playing pro! Ahh, what a joyous day!

Next weekend's topic: Sleepless

What surprises you about motherhood?
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donna said...

Way to go Nini,that is great that you are a armpit player. Both of my boys are also armpit players. We should get you together and have a armpit concert.:)

Wonderful post Michelle.!

SuzanSayz said...

I am so impressed! Try as I might I was never able to tackle the old armpit trick. Of course I never had the opportunity to ask anyone how to do it either. My Dad was an electronic engineer and just wasn't the type to do such things. He would have gladly taught me all about Trigonometry and Physics, He even tried to explain the Theory of Relativity to me. Sadly, I had no interest in those. I'm glad that little Nini found a willing teacher and can now hold her own with those silly boys!

SuzanSayz said...

Oh, I forgot, I wanted to do the link thing. The problem is I don't exactly understand what it is, and I have just barely learned how to do links for my blog. In other words, I'm just plain lame when it comes to things like that.

dani said...

how cute was that, michelle:) i can remember all the boys in the third grade making "that noise" with their armpits... it took me forever; but i finally was able to do it, too:P
high five!!!

Jennfer said...

Wooo Hoooo.
Now when we get together, we'll have a whole band of armpit players!

Kim Sue said...

Love your new blog guys are beautiful. Are you wishing for spring already?

Jan said...

The only bad thing for me is the armpit noises just sends shivers up my spine. My older brother tormented me with those noises :) But you are so awesome.

Love this series. Motherhood is challenging, but it is because it helps us to grow more than anything. That is what surprises me the most. Is how much I gain from it.