Friday, January 2, 2009

My resolve-a-lution full center.

I am resolved this year to be more focused and more at peace with my life, situation, and self. I feel confident about retiring last year's goal of order and giving myself one more huge challenge. My word for 2009 is Center. I felt strongly about the word focus, but felt that it was a bit to vague, too broad of a goal - I needed something specific - that's how I succeeded last year. I like resolutions, but love the word resolved; it seems more permanent and more of mindset than an idea or hope. I am taking this year to resolve to do things, not to make resolutions.

My goals for 2009

I am resolved to bring more peace in my life. Peace is important to my center and to my state of mind. I feel that I can gain more peace in my life by accomplishing more with my time. You've heard me chant about my writing goals which I completely failed on this year - it was too much of a resolution - and not a resolve or commitment. This year I commit to writing one chapter or short story per month and will couple this with reading two books per month - starting with the Book of Mormon (after I finish the last 100 pages of New Moon!)

I resolve to continue my exercise goals alongside my husband and achieve a healthier frame and those muscles I've always wanted. Somehow, making this a commitment in November, was easier than making another a resolution.

I commit to keeping my home organized and working more diligently at our budget, meal planning, and journals. There are too many photos and items that haven't been organized - I commit to getting our family's scrapbooks and journals in order by January 1, 2010 - all of them!

I feel certain that resolving to do these three major goal groups, I will find more peace and a center that is strong, confident, and happy.

What is your 2009 goal?
Do you like resolutions?


donna said...

Thanks for such an wonderful post.
Center is a great word for 2009. I also need to work on being more center with my life.

I hope you let us read your shorts stories.
Happy New year! :)

Lucy said...

Your resolutions are wonderful. Inspiring. Good luck with everything. You seem so centered already to me. But, I suppose even the already fabulous want to improve as well:)

Heffalump said...

I don't like resolutions really. Mostly because it seems expected that they will be broken.
My goal for every year is to improve over the year before. Even if it is only in some small way.
Of course I have other goals as well, but as far as one for 2009 itself I just keep it simple and the other things I will work on without so much pressure.

Amanda :-) said...

I like your goals. I'm excited about your writing goal too. I'd love if you showed us snippets of what you do!

I've had jottings of 2009 goals going around in my head but haven't written any down yet. In a similar vein to your 'Centre' word, I'm first and foremost aiming to focus back on our family and to put anything outside our family second - that is not to say I will shut off from things - I will just have a strict pecking order for my attention: FAMILY first, everything else second! There have been too many times last year that I committed to things outside the household and our home suffered for it. Not terribly, but enough for me not to want it to become the norm.

Good luck, Michelle. May you be the top goal-scorer of the blogging league!

dani said...

happy new year, michelle:)
my word for 2009 is "renew".
i need renewal in most areas of my life; maybe turning 40 this year is making me feel the need. wish me luck; i wish you the same:D

Mikki said...

I love this post. Perfect word choice. I too need to center myself. I love the goal of writing more. I thought about that one too-and not blog writing. I have in fact in the past couple of days started writing a story. I'll have to see where it goes.

I love how you are using the phrases "I commit to..." and "I resolve to..." ; those are great phrases, those are action phrases. I need to incorporate them into my way of thinking. Thanks for the inspiration!

Marie said...

Very good, quantifiable goals. Excellent. Your word of the year 08 totally inspired me, and each time I bring order to a new little spot in my home I think of you. Today it was the computer desk. You should see it now; it is a thing of beauty!

Your goal to center is a good one. I look forward to reading of your progress.

Amanda said...

I'm still debating on a word for the year..nothing quite seems to fit. Your resolve is great I can tell. I hope great things for you this year!