Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What do you love?


One of my daughters came to me a couple of weeks ago completely thrilled that her top front tooth was loose. I couldn't help but say out loud, oh no! I have always seen the loss of a child's two front teeth as a transitioning point from "little" to ofiicially getting to be a "big" girl. Has time really past that quickly?

We worked madly last night getting the girl's Valentine's finished They have the next two days off from school, and yes, Nini picked Star Wars and Cici picked Hello Kitty. It was the first time they could actually write the names of their friends on their cards. We packed little heart buckets full of heart shaped paper, red hots, erasers, and chocolate.

To celebrate love and in the spirit of Valentine's:

I love to sleep.
I love rainy days.
I love hugging my children.
I love hugs.
I love to eat,
to bake cookies, and eat the dough.
I love to read.
I love to always be doing.
to sit and play piano, or talk to a friend.
I love Craig's dimples,
his amazing eye lashes,
and I love that he makes me laugh.
I love Nini's voice,
and the way Cici dances even when she sits.
I love chocolate cake, hamburgers,
and that first sip of cold diet coke.
I love to talk with my mom, and hear stories from my dad.
I love my sister, her silliness,
and her phone calls.
I love my brother, his laugh,
and that he's happy.
I love life,
to be happy,
and to make others happy.
What do you love?

Please mark that I will be changing my blog name to

on February 16, 2008.


Lauralee said...

love those aprons in the top photo.. love your list..
love the picture of your girls!

donna said...

What a great list! You always have the best posts. I really enjoy reading your blog.
Cute picture of your girls

goodpeoplegoodtimes said...

Too cute! I love the time you spent putting together all those cute little V.D. bags for the girls. I remember Zach talking about loosing his first tooth & his desire to get $ from the Tooth Fairy. Ahh...where does the time go-he's soon turning 12!

dani said...

they should be set for their sweet party, michelle; and your little heart buckets sound perfect:)

Elizabeth said...

They are looking like big girls. I feel the same way about my girl with her big teeth coming in.

Barb said...

This is a great post and a great list. A good exercise - I should make one for myself.

Marie said...

I think that this will be my Valentine's post for the year. I'll start working on my list.

Carter lost his bottom two teeth shortly after kindergarten started this fall and a little piece of my heart broke. Big kids.

Natasha said...

I was so sad when Luci started losing teeth too! My baby grew up!