Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Catching-up with Michelle.

$30 modest dress on it's way to me!

I can't help but jump with glee at this cute cute dress I found on ebay. I so hope it's what it's as cute as it looks - because it's on it's way to me! If you want to check it out search under "BOHO" on ebay and I think they have a few others in different sizes. I am leery of ebay and ordering clothes - but I couldn't pass this one up! I have been posting since this post I wrote in February. However, I can't say I've been writing much - it's mostly photos and here and there about our life. I haven't been able to see much of other's blogs, but I am calming down and getting things order here - so hopefully I am ready to post more about what Happy Heart Blog usually posts about!

I am in full swing with my fertility treatment. I really don't want to go into depth on my public blog about all the nitty gritty - but if you are truly interested in the process and want a blow-by-blow account - let me know! Or if I somehow missed inviting you. Cici said to me the other day, "Mom, you keep forgetting things!" I wish I could say that was only the drugs - but it's just an escalation of my own personality!

The girls are keeping busy with school. I want to devote an entire post entry to the my Nini's reading success, we've struggled but just wait until you hear about her! We were reading three weeks ago with Cici, or rather she was reading, and reading, and reading...I couldn't believe how quickly she changed from struggling so much to only needing a few words of help. Wow! I have two little reader's on my hands!

Craig and I are looking for our "home" dream location. Our time in Montreal will be coming to a close next Summer and we are dying to find a place to settle down. We love New England, but wouldn't mind heading back to Portland or the NW - any suggestions?!

How is everyone?
Were you surprised at your child's reading development?
If you could live anywhere in the world - where?


donna said...

cute dress!
Hey you have private blog? I would like to be invite.

Heffalump said...

You missed inviting me too! I am pretty sure I left a comment that I wanted to be invited anyway...
I am partial to the NW, but that is because I have never lived anywhere else...
Our oldest learned to read without being taught when he was three. He has something called Hyperlexia, which means he can decode words accurately even far above his reading level. We had a computer game that we got when he was two that would read stories to him and highlight each word as it read, and he learned to read all on his own. He shocked me one day by starting to read from a coloring book, and I knew neither of us had read a coloring book aloud to him. He is still a great reader at age 12 and reads faster than I can!

jacjewelry said...

I love that dress - so cute and stylish, and brown and blue is one of my favorite color combos. Great find!

I have never been to Portland but heard amazing things about it! I have been to New England and loved it too.

Monica M said...

I want to see your other blog. Invite me. Also those pj's that you liked were made by my mom. They turned out so cute.

Jennfer said...

Love, love, love the new dress. Now, for a fashion show when it arrives.

Melinda said...

That is dress is so darn cute. I love it and know it will be so darling on you. Please can I be invited to your other blog?

Jennfer said...

Hey girl,
Check out my post about Abby's typewriter. I think it turned out cute.

Marie said...

Ummm... If I'm allowed to vote on where you live, how about Alberta?

That dress really is darling.I want more dressy clothes.

Jenny said...

I was srprised last year when I went to my daughters 4th grade parent/teacher confernce about how great a reader my daughter really was. The teacher asked me what I had done to help her become such a great reader.

I love your cute dress. Love the polka dots they are so fresh looking.

We have done recently just what your doing. Trying to decided where to settle. Not an easy thing to do. We have done a lot of moving around over the last few years. This is actually the longest we have lived any where in a while. WE are going on 2 years here. Recently we decided that when school gets out our rental lease will expire and we are ready to settle in one spot. So we are staying here in Utah. There are times though that I wish we had a beach.