Monday, April 20, 2009

Missed Moments.

Botanical Gardens April 2008

I have been having my own serious case of blogger-i-tis; perhaps it's that I have been feeling under the weather, or that my whole family just got the case of the sickies. Here is a huge effort to mark those things that I missed:

1. Nini is now toothless! She lost her 2nd front tooth three weeks ago when she fell outside. It was a good thing, as it was quite the ordeal getting that first front tooth out. She is absolutely a cutie with her sweet little voice talking through those two missing teeth!

2. Culture night in the Montreal Ward was a fantastic success! Our turn-out at enrichment activities has been truly pathetic. We needed a fun way to bring all our sister's together for our first large enrichment activity this year. Montreal Ward is packed with culture's from all over the world, including the Philippines, Caribbean, Africa, Brazil, France, Hungry, Switzerland, Mexico, Italy, the states, and the rest of Canada. I had everyone make something from their home country, and if they wanted, they could bring something to display that represented the country they left behind. We also had an impromptu hula dance from our Young Women! It was simply fantastic!

3. The girls have been more fascinated by the whole self portrait idea. I'm not sure what fascinates me about this photo - but I just love it! The look on Cici's face and the few features of mine and Nini's included in the photo make it a really sweet photo.

3. We finally made it to Montreal's Botanical Gardens. All month long they were having a huge butterfly exhibit. It was so amazing. You walked into a large tented room fit with flowers and plants and tons of butterflies! I had one land on my pants, others had them on their skin. We also walked through the various other parts of the gardens - all on our yearly pass!

4. Easter wasn't as planned as I had originally intended. Life has been busy and I just haven't gotten things together as well this year. The girls were gorgeous in their orange dresses and sweaters and as cute as ever searching for their eggs. I found these cute Easter crackers at Loblaws for $9.99. We shared them with our home teaching family!

5. I have loved walking around our cabin when we spend a weekend away taking photos of any birds or animals that stay long enough in one area for me to take a photo of. I was completely stealth with this photo, creeping in slowly and taking a photo of this tiny woodpecker. Thank heavens for zoom lenses!

5. We had fun again this year helping our cousin with his Flat Stanley photos. Montreal is famous for a couple of things, one being that it is a city of steeples. There are churches like this everywhere throughout the city, so we had to take a photo of this one and just to the left we took a photo in front of our church too.

6. Nini and Cici are now riding training wheel free! They practiced several times this week with Craig right behind them. Then, boom - off they go on their own!

How are you?


Elise said...

Hi Michelle

Sorry to hear that you have all been unwell. It laways makes for a challenging time when everyone gets sick all at once. I hope you are all fully recovered now.

Nini's "new" smile is gorgeous. What a special milestone losing her two front teeth.

You are all in for a ton of fun now that the girls are keen to explore the idea of self portraits.

The butterfly exhibit at the Montreal Botanical gardens sounded awesome. I adore butterflies and would love to take my family to something like that.

Way to go Nini and Cici - riding without training wheels. Woohoo!

Lots of love

linda said...

It was so good to see your month in review! You certainly have been busy...and missed!

Hope everyone is feeling better these days!

Take care and have a wonderful week!

Marie said...

Wow, lost teeth and lost training wheels! Those are some big milestones in your home!

It looks like this years Easter egg hunt was a little more 'spring-ish." I just remember your photo last year of the girls finding eggs in mounds and mounds of snow. Crazy.

Sorry you've been sick. We had that battle recently too. How are you feeling?

Melinda said...

This sickness junk is going around like crazy. I am so sorry your family was hit by it. I hope you are all feeling better.

That is so exciting to be riding with out training wheels! This is what we are going to be working on with Olivia.

I love that self portrait also.

donna said...

Michelle, i am so sorry you are sick. I hope you feel better soon.
What a fun idea, having a culture night.
Way to go Nini and Cici! :)

Jenny said...

Your photos are all ways so amazing to me. You capture some really great moments in time. I love the one that is your favorite. But I also love last one, where one of the girls is learning to ride her bike.

dani said...

michelle, i hope you are all feeling better soon!!! i loved reading your "catch-up".
cici and nini looked just beautiful in their easter dresses and sweaters:D
much love,
dani xxxx

Jennfer said...

Love the crackers.
Colton his Flat Stanley. You're the best Aunt Ever!
Call you later.

Bren's Life said...

First let me say I am sorry... I honestly didn't mean to stop following your blog. I did that follow thing & got rid of all the names on my sidebar. And honestly I thought I had your blog down to follow. It seems like I would see your blog every couple of months. So in my head I just thought maybe like Jenn your having a blog break. That the infertility stuff & blogging & parenting was all too much & you stopped. I should of checked on you. I am horrible.
I love your blog. I love your girls & how good you are at taking pictures. I love that you always teach something & I saw the silouttes & am going to try that.. And the hair clips are absolutely to die for. I want to try those too. You just amaze me. You are so great at EVERYTHING. You have every talent out there. No flaws! Ok- you won't step on grass with your bare feet!!!! I remember that..
So please forgive me. I didn't mean to be such a terrible friend & stop following your blog. In no way at all is your blog boring. Life just got in the way, the computer & I are not the best of friends. I need a computer for dummy's.
So please know I am here. I will be back. I will follow you. And I love ya!!!