Tuesday, June 16, 2009

10 things of consequence.

Bird Inside house

#1. The bird in the above photo, is it outside or inside? This little guy flew through the chimney and found it's way into these fake trees in our window. It felt quite at home, with no plans on leaving. We opened all the windows and doors and it finally flew out with a little bit of help from Craig!

#2. Today (Sunday) was a huge day for us at church! When we moved to Montreal we attended a branch; which a year later merged into Montreal Ward and a separate singles ward. Today, we saw another amazing testimony of growth in the Mormon church in this area. We are a huge ward spread across the entire city of Montreal center towards east island Montreal. Some of the people on the outskirts of our ward boundary traveled two hours by bus just to get here - quite the feat when you are bundling large families up to spend four hours every Sunday in the cold - plus the three hour block. Now, these people on the east side of the island have their own branch!

Last year, the Bishop of our ward began praying and fasting that our ward would grow large enough to allow our ward to be split. In a matter of six months, 40 new people moved in the ward and today marked the 21st new member baptism in 12 months. It was absolutely amazing to see the growth of the ward in such a short time frame. We are happy that travel time will be less for the new branch, but sad to see them go.

Enjoying Natalie's dinner.

#3 I have been so blessed to receive so much service from so many very busy women. You never really understand how "it is" unless you experience what others have gone through. Best rest sucks! But, it's all for a good cause. I had a particularly sluggish nauseating day. It was 5:15 and I was heading downstairs to put something together for dinner. Kristin, another ex-patriot from the states, called and said she had made an extra batch of chili and could she bring some. I have learned not to pause so much when people offer their help, and promptly said - "that would great!" Her chili and a loaf of bread made a great dinner and saved me from my ordering pizza for dinner. That same week, Natalie, brought by dinner to us. We sat down and ate her yummy lasagna for a couple of days - the girls were so infatuated by the taste - they kept saying " this is the best dinner ever!" What sweeties! Natalie thank you! One thing that I don't get much of, which one friend has been so awesome to give so much of is - time. She comes over several times a week and chats with me. Wow, another something I've learned I should always give freely - time to others.

Monday night, sans dad, self portrait

#4 Craig had an overnight business trip Monday to late Tuesday night. We enjoyed being cozy and watching a movie I had taped from TIVO called the Babysitter's Club. They have been so awesome, I am just more and more in love with these girls. Which is hard, because I already think they are great! We had a lot of fun trying to get Nini in this photo. We finally got one, but I had to show this one, since it took so many shots to get her to get herself in the photo!

Rolfe and the girls.
#5. "They are mere shadows of themselves..." said my husband this weekend. Rolfe, one of our little dogs, was diagnosed with diabetes two months ago. He's 10 and has completely lost his eyesight. You won't find a sweeter animal. Our other dog, Inga, is 15 and both dogs will not likely make it through the summer. We've been trying to prepare the girls for their inevitable departure from our family to doggy heaven. My emotions are much worse with this pregnancy, so I know that it's going to be very difficult to let them go. Inga we got on our 1 year wedding anniversary - they both we'll be missed.

#6. Blog love and goodmail. Claudia and Kim Sue have been so gracious in sending goodmail up my way in Montreal. Everytime I see one of these sweet envelopes - I can't help but walk a little quicker to the mail box! Also, I have had a chance to finally get some of my own goodmail out - watch for it!

#7. Check out this link for some of the cutest blog layouts I've seen in a long time. They are easy to use and free. She does accept donations, it's worth it!

#8. Perhaps it's this pregnancy, but I can't seem to take a "cute" picture for the life of me. My self-portraits have become ridiculous. I will show my new hair cut, when I can capture a good photo. Picky, I know, but a girls got to look good - right?

#9. Is probably the happiest for me. After over 175 shots - I am now done taking injections. My butt is, shall we say, utterly and completely sore - healing time will probably take three years! Although it was hard, I had an end, and it was completely worth it.

#10. I've finished the biggest book I've ever read - Anna Karenina! It took a month, but I did it! I'm now on to the Book Thief, The Shack, and many others that I've put off until I could get through Anna. I'm sticking to a few smaller books - for now!


donna said...

thanks for the update. I have been thinking about you! :) Sounds like you have such a wonderful friends and family that are taking care of you! :)

Marie said...

I am so thrilled that number 9 is over for you, and that you are able to build your family. Everytime I think of you, I smile.

Congrats on Anna Karenina! That is on my, "Boy, I really should read that" list. Someday.

The girls sure are getting big!

Carolee said...

I've been thinking about you glad you updated us on all of your happenings:)

Lene said...

Thanks for the update.

It is funny how you creep into my thoughts now and then and I wonder how you are feeling.

Jenny said...

I was just thinking about you!

1st I gotta tell how cute I think your blog header is. I just love it. I always enjoy seeing what you do to your blog design.

2nd How exciting for the church in your area to experince growth. It just shows us here in the States that the Church is spreading to those who are ready.Which I just know are many. What a wonderful experince for your family to be there to witness the growth.

3rd How sweet of others to be thinking of you and bringing food. How sweet of you to allow others to gain blessings by serving you.

4. We need to let our dog go to a better home. He needs to be on a farm. So we are not dealing with death, but in a way with the process of letting go when it is the right thing to do.

5. I am so excieted about you having another set of twins in your home. It is going to be so wonderful. Bedrest does suck, but it is going to be sooooo worth it when your snuggling your twins.
So glad I got to catch up with you and your wonderful family. Take Care!

Natalie said...

I was glad to see you last week, even though it was just for a few minutes. I loved your haircut, by the way, I realized when I left what was different about you! (I was expecting to see a little tummy - which I did. Very cute!)
We WILL get together soon, now that the kids are nearly done school. Take it easy!

dani said...

love the update and your new banner and template, michelle. so sorry for the sore bum though especially given that you are having to be on it so much (it will all have been so worth it in a few short months, though:)!!!
take care, my friend:D
much love,
dani xxxxxx