Friday, June 5, 2009

A View from the sofa.

I see my new tummy when working on the computer!

My dear friends, I have been on bed rest for--I can't remember how long! My life has become very narrow in respect to that which I used to do and accomplish. I was fortunate to have my mom here for two glorious weeks while I was on full-time bed rest. She is now back at her home, but with plans to return when needed or on their originally scheduled visit in August.

Grandma's last night.

Two weeks ago I was able to see my obstetrician for the first time. She is a specialist in high risk multiple pregnancies. The week I saw her she had spent the last two weeks delivering three sets of triplets who all made it to their 33rd week-which is really spectacular for these types of multiple births. She was confident that I shouldn't be doing anything strenuous - even to the point of telling me that I can't bend over! Hello?! She said that I couldn't stand for more than an hour or sit for more than an hour, and that I should be in bed or on the couch with my feet up.

More tummy.

When we first began our fertility treatment, the only "high risk" surety was my age. However, now that I am pregnant, there seems to be more things that take me into high risk. My cervix is just shy of 4cm (4-5 cm's is a healthy cervix) and I have been wobbling around with what they think is a ligament pain in my right lower hip. Despite these things, my last ultrasound was yesterday which showed the babies healthy and about 4 inches long! (Also there was some indication - we think - of telling the sex of one of the babies! No telling yet though!)

Sofa life is good though. I've been reading a lot and am 200 pages to the end of Anna Karenina by Tolstoy and have four other books ready in waiting. I just won a huge ebay maternity wardrobe online, and believe it or not am on chapter two of writing my illusive book. The girls get to take lots of bike rides with Craig and are helping out a lot more than would normally be expected of them. Things have to get done though - despite my inability to do really anything! I have someone clean once a week and have received help from friends and church members in keeping our home going. Not to mention Craig has been on kitchen duty, laundry, and the list goes on. I am so thankful to have such an awesome family!

Emails, phone calls, and general ideas on bed rest are all appreciated!
I'll post my new haircut and goodmail letters next time!


Sharron said...

how cute you are chell i like the pokeadots cute outfit. Glad to hear that the babies are doing well and the girls are helping out.
they are going to be great big sisters to these little ones. Glad your mother was there for you to help out and willing to come back which you might need. Your ward members are awsome I like your ward. Well i will keep in touch stay well.

Holly said...

I'm glad you had your mom stay with you for a while--and that she can come back when needed again. What a blessing your girls are a bit older and can be such big helpers as well--and hooray for Craig! :)

I'm sure bed rest gets old, but it sounds like you are making the best of it--and getting some excellent reading and writing time in too.

Lene said...

I am so glad you have so many helpers. You will be busy enough when those babies get here so enjoy this extra reading and writing time.

Nicole said...

Oh how cute you are with a little tummy!Pregnancy can be so much fun except for the ligment pains...yuck! Sad, but many soon-to-be moms experience them.
Glad to hear everyone is so helpful; would almost fake bedrest to get laundary help myself...ha ha! Glad to hear it's going well. Can't wait to see those little babies. :0)

donna said...

Being on bed rest is never easy, but sounds like you have some great helpers in your home! :) Glad to hear that your Mother was able to help out. I want you to know that you are in my prayers.

Enjoy all your reading time and keep us update!
You looks so cute!

donna said...

Being on bed rest is never easy, but sounds like you have some great helpers in your home! :) Glad to hear that your Mother was able to help out. I want you to know that you are in my prayers.

Enjoy all your reading time and keep us update!
You looks so cute!

Jill said...

This is so exciting!

Marie said...

Your new belly is so cute! I'm glad you can at least move around a little bit now. And it sounds like you are making the most of this time. I'm so impressed you've began your book in earnest! Congratulations!

Kim Sue said...

love the picture of your girls and your mom...what a treasure!

Jenny said...

Moms are wonderful! Glad she was able to come help you out. Glad to hear your doing well.

Will try to stay in touch better.

Melinda said...

Being on bed rest is so hard! you know you need to do it but oh, it just is crazy. You seen to be taking it all so well and good for you. I am so excited to hear about the sex of the babies!

Elise said...

Hi Michelle

What a joy it is to see your new tummy - "beauty full".

Congratulations on starting your book, this sounds like an exciting project and I look forward to hearing more about this.

Michelle, this morning was a little chilly for us here in Australia and it meant that Savvy and I wore the hats that you made for us. Sav thought it was hysterical (boy, did we laugh)that we had matching hats. Did you receive the email I sent about them? We feel very special to have such gorgeous matching hats and I am sure we will be wearing them often over the next few months. Thank you for making our cold starts to the day so cosy and fun.


Mikki said...

I can't even imagine having to be on bed reat for so long. Sorry, if that doesn't help at all. I'm sure it doesn't. I think you're amazing. Hope the time goes quickly for you though, and you can carry them well past 33 weeks.
Glad you've got great people around you helping out. That'll probably make all the difference.

crystal said...

I love the laptop view of your cute tummy! What an amazing woman you are...making the most of bedrest and maintaining good spirits. Easier said than done--but take advantage of the enforced laziness! Live it up, sister! It's SO HARD to watch the house go into disorder, and SO HARD to allow others to help and invade what is a private refuge, but whenever will you be able to do this again?! Lay about and rest?!
Love you

Cristin said...

You look so cute...{It is so nice to see you have such a wonderful support group...}

Funny, Anna Karenina is my summer read this year...but my guess is I will not finish it until everyone is back in school...

What an exciting time for your family...take care...

dani said...

how cute are you, michelle!!! i cannot wait to hear the sexes:))))
much love and prayers,
dani xxxx

TheBMillers said...

oooh I'm so sorry to hear you have been put on bed rest!! I was on bed rest with both my kids (at 20 weeks with the first one and at 30 weeks with my 2nd) and no one will truly understand how horrible it is until they've been there.. well maybe I shouldn't horrible.. miserable might be a better term. To not be able to do anything for yourself is HARD, one of the hardest challenges I've had to do, but SO worth it!! Don't over do - listen to the doctors and enjoy it WHILE you can (as hard as it may be) before you know it you will not be able to just hang out, read books, surf the web and nap when you like. I also did a calendar count down with my oldest (4 at the time) every night as when I would be 'feeling better and back on my feet.'

Hang in there!!