Monday, August 10, 2009

Headband Magic.

Headband inspiration hit just the other day while perusing a Canadian parent magazine in my OBGYN's office. Headbands have always been extinct or hidden among my girl's vast array of hair accessories. They either fall out within a couple minutes, or they are just too tight for their little tiny heads. I have always wanted to use them in their hair and now I have found a fun, cheap, and easy solution!

Step 1: Find your cutest ribbon - the wider the better and cut it at 26 inches. You might want to measure your child before cutting, leaving a good three inches hanging around the back of the neck.

Step 2: Find a spare pony tail holder. Mine were slightly larger, allowing for more wraps around the ribbon and a tighter feel.

Step 3: Place the band around the bottom two inches of your ribbon. You will be able to tighten or loosen the headband when styling it,

Step 4: Put a small amount of fray liquid at the end of each ribbon. They will fray if you do not do this.

The headband can be tightened by pulling either side of the ribbon ends at the back of the neck. This allows for a comfy fit and the ability to loosen it when needed. They stay in all day, at least for my girls they did! My own personal advice would be to use this for older girls, so there is no risk for choking.


Lene said...

What a great idea. I will be giving it a try.

Chrissy, said...

Thanks for sharing that is such a great idea!!

Jenny said...

great idea, so glad you shared.

Elise said...

Hi Michelle

You have found a fantastic solution to keep headbands in place.

The girls look gorgeous in their spotty, mummy made headbands.

Wendi said...

Oh my word--I am obviously not a Nancy Drew because it took me this long to find you.

I didn't realize you had changed your blog to a different address. I have been clicking over to your she-called-me address and I just thought you had gone private.

But look--here you are! Yay!

I made my blog private, but I'm pretty sure I sent you an invite. If not email me.

Marie said...

Oh how I love polka dots. I think everything is cuter once you add polka dots. Which means, I must now go out and buy some ribbon that looks exactly like the ribbon on your girls and make Aimee some headbands.

Very creative solution, by the way.

Nicole said...

Great idea! Thanks..borrowed it yesterday for Danica and it looked really cute.

Laura said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing! Hope you and all the little ones are doing well!

Claudissima said...

that simple???? I love love headbands, but feel I need more head to hold them! They look adorable.!

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

What a great idea, I love it and will try it as soon as I buy some ribbon.


catherine said...

Really a great idea to mi that have 7 nieces! What adorable blog! God bless you and your familly.