Sunday, September 20, 2009

96 hour hosptial stay.

Tuesday night, I was grateful to see my own bed and be in my own home. Four days earlier on Friday night, Craig and I rushed to the hospital because I had been having minor pains all day that turned into major pains by 5:00 p.m. The pain exceeded anything that was "normal" and I knew something wasn't right. Thankfully, my doctor, was at the hospital birthing center that night and assisted with a lot of the testing. They discovered that my cervix had suddenly shortened considerably and my interior cervix was starting to funnel. They immediately ordered a 48 hour stay for observation at the Royal Victoria Hospital here in Montreal.

The following days were hard to endure, but I knew it was needed. My children were not allowed to visit due to the increase cases of Swine Flu. They did finally concede to allow them for no more than an hour per day since I was not allowed to remove myself from my hospital room. One of the tests they performed was a sugar level test. I had taken one several days before that showed a positive result for high blood sugar. They retested me while in the hospital, and lucky me, now has gestational diabetes. I was visited by an endocrinologist and a dietitian to decide how they wanted to proceed.

I'm not sure how much stricter my bed rest could become, but at least I can still go up to use the bathroom and take a shower. Other than that, I am confined to my room. I have only been downstairs once since I got home! My diet has changed drastically due to the onset of g. diabetes. I am testing my blood sugar seven times a day. That means seven pricks on my finger per day - if the needle actually works. I hope that by next Thursday I will be able to test once or twice a day. My mother-in-law is helping and my parents arrive on Tuesday to help out. There is nothing I can do but stay down and keep growing these babies! I am very very grateful for all the help I have been receiving. It's all worth it - I know!

How is everyone?


Kelly said...

Oh my goodness, Michelle! I am so glad they were able to stop the contractions. I am sorry about the diabetes and extra strict bed rest -- I'm glad you have family coming to help. Hope you're not feeling too discouraged. You can do hard things, and this will pass! Hang in there!

Elise said...

Hi Michelle

These baby boys of yours are making sure you get to put your feet up good and proper! I can only imagine how difficult it would be to have to stay off your feet. I will keep you in my prayers.

I am sorry to hear about your gestational diabetes and hope that within the week it settles enough so that you don't have to prick yourself so often.

Thinking of you and praying for you.

Lots of love

Natasha said...

Yuck Michelle!
I am glad you are back home now after all that but I can't imagine strict bed rest. Those baby boys will make it all worth it though!

donna said...

wow! glad to her that you are back home. Your family are in my prayers!

Nicole said...

Glad you and those babies are ok. Sorry you had to spend the weekend in the hospital. Hang in's almost over. What a blessing to have such a wonderful supportive family. Your in my prayers.

Jenny said...

Hello my blogging friend,

Glad to see that your being taken care of. Sorry that you have had a hospital stay, now diabetes. Hang in there the reward is coming. I know how tough bed rest can be and how tempting it is to get up to do things. Your doing an awesome job of taking care of your self. I look forward to seeing many photos of your boys.

I have not done to well in blogging. I think I need to take a time management course. I will try to do better in checking in on how your doing.

Jenny in Utah

Melinda said...

So sorry for the scare! It has got to be so rough to be done for so long. I am glad you are home and getting some great help. Good luck!

dani said...

oh, michelle... how scary for you:( it is going to have all been worth it; but goodness!!! take care; and thank goodness for wonderful people to help:)))
love and prayers,
dani xxxx

Marie said...

You are already mother of the year. I'm sorry this has been such a difficult journey for you and your body. You are getting so close! Hang in there!

Amanda said...

Wow! What a roller coaster!

So glad you are safe at home and the babies are still incubating. This has got to be so trying for you.

So glad you have family coming to help. It will be worth it once they arrive safe and sound!