Friday, September 4, 2009

Confessions of a Tomboy.

Nini with new bangs August 2009

My Nini is a self-proclaimed tomboy. She still wears dresses and lets me put an occasional frilly bow in her hair, but her true love are baseball shirts, basketball jerseys, or whatever else inspires her. I've been searching for some ideas for her birthday and Christmas to either get or make - and here are some wonderful items that would inspire any tomboy!

Good Luck Tokens

Personalized Name Signs

Ribbon Spirit Shirt

Personalized Rubber Stamp

Basketball bow

Best Friends Soccer Pendants

Soccer Chic Pendant

Personalized Water Bottles

Do you have a tomboy?
Any other ideas that were not shared here?


Nicole said...

Nini looks so big. I think she must have been 3 when I met the girls...
I really like the sports inspired hair bows. Too cute.

Mandy said...

I love her bangs! It's crazy how much more grown up she looks with them.

Barb said...

The soccer ribbon is calling my name! Love it.

Marie said...

She looks so grown up with the new hair cut!

I want a personalized waterbottle of my own. How cute.

Melinda said...

She looks so cute with the bangs! Those necklaces are so cute. I am loving those. I don't have tomboys over here. They are all girl.

Amanda :-) said...

Erk! You have been so busy blogging! I feel ashamed at my total lack of effort :-(

I've just whizzed through lots of your posts, and I just can't imagine how extraordinary your lives will become when the boys arrive. Your life is full to the brim already - how can you possibly squeeze even more in?! Haha! It will be fantastic. So glad to see pictures of your bump. It's a real comfort to see everything progressing so well. Take care, girlio. xx

And the tomboy things are genius. That's a gap in the market if ever I saw one. I've never seen anything for girls with a soccer print over here. Duh??

Mikki said...

My Haley is such a tomboy. She won't wear any pink, and she prefers her clothes bought from the boys department. She won't put anything in her hair, unless it's hairgel. I'm wondering if she'd go for one of those bows though. That just might be a winner in her book!