Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Good Attitude Bracelets.

Curbing morning attitudes has been a project of mine since the girls started school three years ago. Diva-like behavior exists on many mornings and we are left with tardiness, and a continuation of the feelings we all had earlier that morning. There are a few things that worked, such as, using this method of dressing in the morning. I call it Ziploc Order and we used it all last year when "what" they wore was more of an issue as to "how" they put it on. My only regret with this was that we didn't start it sooner!

At seven, it seems that my girls aren't as picky with what they wear. I have set up rules for what type of uniform they wear on that day of the week - and they follow it without an issue. Even my tomboy, is OK with wearing a dress on Mondays and a skirt on Thursdays. Diva and bad attitude about getting ready and getting up started at the end of first grade last year. There was a lot of dragging of their feet, not putting their clothes on when it's time, eating too slowly (on purpose), fighting with me over homework, and a general attitude of "I'm not going to make this easy for you!" It was a couple days into this school year that the idea of pushing "good attitude" was implemented. Here's how it works"
The idea:
Creating an environment where we all work together as a family, where we are all full of family chatter and fun, takes good attitude and a little bit of ingenuity. Winston Churchill said attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. I made it my mission this school year to implement a good attitude system.

The system:
I first split the day up into three sections beginning with the night before beginning around bedtime. The second section begins at wake-up time and ends when they go to school. The third section begins the moment we are reunited after school through to after homework, free-time, and chore-time. Their goal is to exhibit a good attitude throughout each section of the day. Once they have passed the previous section they are then awarded a Good Attitude Bracelet that they can wear on their wrist, or ankle. We also established a special place to hang them while they are at school or away from the house.

If they are awarded a bracelet for each part of the day, they then receive a reward. The reward that works for my girls is computer time. They are old enough to type in a url and find the sites they enjoy and they are completely ennameured with this! There are a few other things that are of importance to them at this age, but this was the best for them.
The rewards and results:
Seven-year-olds love plans and this plan was easy to follow! The reward was important enough and the system easy enough to be implemented quickly and followed easily. They loved to wear the bracelets and it was an easy reminder when things were getting out of hand. I did allow for one warning and there were only a few instances where they did not receive all three bracelets.

Once the girls understood my expectations for them, we were able to forgo giving them the bracelets. I only reinstate it when I see two or more consecutive days of bad attitude. Once reinstated they quickly adapt and are reminded that good attitude will get them further than bad attitude.

Things you will need:
I purchased the beaded bracelets from the dollar store, the smiley faces from Walmart crafts, and the ribbon was already on my ribbon holder. All told, this system cost less than $3.00 dollars, and has been invaluable for reminder my two lovely divas, that they need good attitude makes all the difference (thanks Winston)!

Do you believe Winston Churchill?


Nicole said...

Girl you are a plethera of good ideas and attitude...I give you 5 bracelets. :0) Thanks for giving moms like me good ideas when I am at my wits end.

Amanda :-) said...

Hi Michelle! Just checking all is okay, and relieved to see it is. Isla ABSOLUTELY WON'T let me comment in peace!! So I'll try and nip back here again, but I'm just really glad you're being looked after so well and am wishing you all the best for the next few weeks. Those bracelets are 'WOW!' - I'm really looking forward to reading how all that works. Stay well, big M! xxx

dani said...

you are so sweet to share, michelle:) i know your ideas will be utilized by many. reading many of your posts make me wish katherine were still a little girl!!!
take care, my sweet friend:D
much love,
dani xxxx

Bobbi said...

What a great idea. I will have to pass that one along!