Friday, November 13, 2009

Nini the car mechanic.

These photos are complete classic Nini photos. She's a girl with big dreams and set ideas. She loves to fix things and be the hero. This kitchen set we brought upstairs when friends came over to surprise me with a baby shower. There were several children present and since I am an old sentimental fool and haven't donated this kitchen set yet, it was perfect for the occassion. When the girls returned home, they were happy to see it upstairs. Nini, however, quickly found something that needed to be fixed and went right to work. There was a light bulb that had burned out, but after several attempts to get it, she resorted to asking for her daddy's toolbox. This is her in a classic Nini pose trying to figure out how to fix it. Personally, she looks like the cutest car mechanic I've ever seen!

This photo is another classic Nini, practicing her Ollie I think it's called. A skateboarding move she's been working on since summer. Lucky for me my window backs up to the driveway and I was able to watch her from the window practice her moves!

Check out these books:

For girls like my daughter, this book is really special. It talks about Amelia Earhart when she was a young girl, about her dreams that seem far-fetched to her family. With every new idea she constantly gets hit with this phrase, "You can't do that Amelia." But Amelia is not deterred, she is set in her ideas and works hard to complete her goals even at her young age. This is a wonderful book to give your girl and wonderful way to give them a role model that we all know accomplished so much in her life. You can't do that, Amelia! by Kimberely Klier.

This book really inspired Nini to read and learn about how to be a good skateboarder. It has great photos and names all the moves and jumps, so she can really feel like she's accomplishing something. She's perfected a few moves and comes to the book when she feels comfortable to start on a new one. If anything, it's fun to see all the different jumps and fun moves. The bok is my DK Publishing.

Do you have a Nini at home?!


donna said...

Nini is one cool girl!

Melinda said...

That is so cute of Nini. I also love that you let the girls be themselves and let their different personalities shine.

crystal said...

Those books look so darn cute. I love your blog--you always, always, always have such interesting posts.

I cracked up at the mechanic picture; i have a photo of max in the exact same position when he was about 6yrs old, under his big wheel pretending to change the oil. heehee!

Hope you're feeling well and are reading for the "big reveal" in a few weeks! Good luck to you, sweet friend! :)

Elise said...

Gotta love a girl with a can do attitude.

I will be getting a copy of "You Can't Do That Amelia!" for my little girl.

Michelle, at the most there is only a week to go. I hope that this last week of pregnancy really is a "beauty full" one for you. You and your family (all six of you) are in my prayers.

Mikki said...

So cool!! I certainly have a tomboy at home, but she hasn't tried fixing anything yet. She does have a skateboard though, but she's too scared to take it outside and test it out. LOL

Wow! Six more days til your little guys arrive!? I'm amazed. Seems like the time has flown by, although for you, I'm sure it doesn't!