Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Six Photos and Six things Wednesday

Six Photos

1. Our garden and landscaping was a complete mystery to us when we moved in to our snow covered property in February. We have since been surprised at the many wonderful plants we are discovering. These flowers were picked from our property. I don't know what kind of flower they are yet! Is there anyone out there who is familiar with this type of flowering bush?

2. Ingenious? I happened to have my camera with me in the car. This is how I have been making my way around Target and other shopping centers. I use the Mommy Hook to attach the cart to the stroller and this allows me to get around more quickly. I am careful not leave the cart unattended so that neither the cart or stroller tumbles over.

3. These flowers were given to me by my husband. It was for my birthday on May 19th of last month. This makes me a whopping 37 years old, a little wiser, and a whole lot older!

4. Our contractor is finishing up the last details of our move-in renovation. Our 1810 home is now fitted with a brand new redone room off our kitchen. I will make a special post soon to highlight the process and rooms. We kept the beams exposed and used the same paint and light theme within this new room. We love it!

5. I love this photo, especially The Hawk. He hated putting his feet on the grass - look at that face.

6. This photo I took on a Sunday afternoon about a month ago. It was a beautiful day and we were all outside enjoying the weather. Cici was also enjoying a little bit of bubble time!

Six Things

1. Mr. T and Hawk having been playfully teasing me about crawling. Today, however, Hawk made his way, with ease, around every part of our kitchen. Mr. T likes to stay in one place for now, but he's thinking seriously about taking after his brother.
2. I successfully lost 35 pounds the first three months after giving birth. It has taken the last three months to loose 7 more pounds. I am slowly making my way down to my pre-birth weight by running when I can, building the muscles I lost, and a lot of walking. Where is a magic wand when you need it?
3. School ends Wednesday for Cici and Nini!
4. We had a garage sale this past Saturday but only got two hours into it before it deluged on us. I then spent the next two hours drying all the clothes in or dryer. Next time, I think we'll just donate first.
5. I am a beginner coupon clipper - any advice?
6. I have been getting out to some of my blog friends. I hope that with nap time more consistent I can visit more often and do a bit more blogging!

I think one can deduce that photos are a huge part of my posts and blogs. Let's face it, I love to take them and love to show them. There are photos that I take that never make it to a post and things that happen that never make it into my blog. If I have time to post on Wednesdays it will be my Six Photos and Six Things Wednesdays. Also, look for Yummy Thursdays!


Nicole said...

Thanks for sharing. Your house looks lovely from what you've shown. Don't know what those flowers are but they are spectacular...

Connie said...

Great 6 pictures! Love the look on the little one's face. The bubble picture is awesome! Lvoe the room! Your home looks very nice.
I wish I had a magic wand for the weight loss. Good for you in working so hard to lose the weight.

Take care.

Brenda said...

the flowers are peonies.They are beautiful.

Claudissima said...

ohhhhh my those flowers are beautiful. what an exciting adventure to hunt and see what is out there in the backyard....the beams are gorgeous in that room....and the color scheme...everything is wonderful and beautiful.....hey, I have been meaning to ask you if you can send me your new address for your birthday card.... claudissima@cox.net please send it soon.....well, it is already late so when ever you have a chance...I haven't sent you a bday card yet right? I am loosing my mind and I only have 2!!!!!! I love love love love photos...and had a thought the other day, wondering if I had posted some pictures already? and ended up going through 3 years of my blog and I thought what a waste of this past year or so....with very little posting because of emotional/financial/marital...and all kinds of unstableness and I thought life is going by w/o documenting things......so I am currently posting pictures from last summer....I think this is my life really, the pictures i take of the boys in the things we do almost every day!.
take care.

Marie said...

Your flowering bush is a peonie. I grew up with those in our front yard. They are beautiful, that is for sure.

Harrison is SO CLOSE to crawling.

The bubble picture looks beautiful.

I didn't realize your home was 200 years old! That is amazing! How wonderful to have that history all around you all the time!

animal print gal said...

Great share! Your little ones are just adorable!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Those are peonies. I love 'em! Especially the hot pink ones like you have.

Kim Sue said...

the kids are all growing so fast...love the sneak peak of the house, can't wait to see more!

Jenny said...

the flowers, which I believe are peonies, are beautiful. I have been wanting to plant some in our yard.

Love the photos. I truly understand the weight loss thing. Where is that magic wand?