Sunday, September 26, 2010

10 things I'm doing right now.

1. Sleeping through the night (with the occassional wake-up call).
2. Making lots of cookies for the girl's baptism this week.
3. Wondering where all the time has gone.
4. Changing diapers.
5. Running in two different directions (and this is just crawling).
6. Finishing a children's story inspired by this post.
7. Singing in our city's local Chorale Choir.
8. Loving the vivid beautiful colors outside.
9. Going to soccer practice and games twice a week.
10. Preparing to sing Beautiful Savior, with my girls at their baptism.

What are you doing?


donna said...

I am excited to read your children's story..

Connie said...

You are one busy Mom! I hope the baptism goes well. Very exciting!
I have 10 book bags to make for a humanitarian project and they've been sitting for almost a week without anything being done. It's time to get off the computer and start sewing or have FHE!

Melinda said...

I hope the baptism goes well! I love singing at my kids baptism. I hate how they have changed them here so it isn't an option any more.

Claudissima said...

ohhh my, I can't wait to see how the baptism, 8 already time is flying. I am very happy for you and all that you have achieved and come to. Beautiful family and beautiful traditions and wonderful things you are doing....I am feel honored to know you a bit.!

Marie said...

Oh, what a beautiful song choice for the baptism. How can they be that old already?

Seems like a pretty happy list!

Nicole said...

OHGosg! That's a lot of leaves! Your son looks pretty cute too! :0)