Friday, September 3, 2010

Upstaged by Mac and Cheese.


Something caught my eye yesterday while I was going about accomplishing the busy home economics of the day; there was something falling from on high. Could this be true? I said this to myself while watching leaves pour off of our trees. It seems that New England believes Fall doesn't start on Sept 21 - but on Sept 1st.

First day of school.

With fall comes school and the tales of the third grade nothings. Cici and Nini have taken this school year by storm. They are happy and excited about school and the (knowing with all certainty that this can't last) -drama is gone. After school has always been rough for the girls - but this year, they seem more confident and happy.

We also had to prepare our school bus pizza for the first day of school. It was slightly upstaged though, by the mac and cheese I fixed for them as a 2nd school treat - lesson learned!

I am ready for fall to start, but not ready for the cold after fall. Now, I am focusing on the last of the seasons flowers and warmth. Soon it will be all about winter.

What is your favorite season?


Melinda said...

Fall is my most favorite time of year. I love it. I am starting to notice some leaves starting to change colors. I can't wait to drive through the canyon and see all of the colors.

Nicole said...

Hmm...I think summer is definitely my favorite. Even though it can be very hot, as you know. It's the season when our family seems to be at ease (no school and camping vacations). Fall is not bad until the cold wind starts. Yuck!
Are those flowers from your yard? They are simply beautiful!

Natasha said...

School bus pizza-- how clever!!

I love the photo in your header, what a beautiful family.

Thanks for your comments on my post and you are right, Luci is having a hard time with EVERYTHING since the accident at the pool this summer and thanks for the reminder to turn it over to God. I have been encouraging Luci to pray for peace as well.

My C-section is scheduled for Oct 11 but I am trying to talk my doctor into Oct 10, so the birthdate would be 10/10/10. No luck so far...

donna said...

Summer. I love having my kids home and I love
the hot weather...

Mikki said...

I think that pizza looks fantastic!!! I love it. What a sweet thing to do. I just don't really get mac n cheese. I guess it's ok, but it's got to be served piping hot, and it gets cold fast. yuck!!
I love the fall and the spring the most. Probably cause in Vegas it's the most comfortable time of year temperature-wise.

Jenny said...

As I have aged my favorite season has changed. Fall, is my favorite right now.