Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Birthdays: No more cake please.

Granddad lighting the birthday candles

This month there was a blitz of birthdays in our family and one big special event (which I will post about next)! To say I am tired of planning birthdays and making birthday cakes and cupcakes is an understatement. I am, however, a little bit shocked at finding ourselves at this big event so quickly. When I started this blog, the girls were four and half. Whew, time flies and life changes quickly. We started the month with the girl's 8th birthday party bash with their friends from school and church. The theme this year was singular, as I couldn't find the time to come up with two different themes for each girl - so we agreed on a beach party theme.

The party decor.
This room, the dining room, is too far off the kitchen to really use it on a regular basis. When our home was built the kitchen was right through the space where I took the photo, with a large fireplace for cooking. A modern kitchen was added in the 20th century and now the dining room and kitchen two rooms away from each other. We've declared this room the party and game room, and the once in a while special meal room!

Surfboard cupcakes

The dessert for the party was made with funfetti cake mixes. Blue frosting as the ocean, gum cut out into surfboards, and lifesaver candy - made for a fun beach themed cupcake. You could also add swedish fish (a cute idea a friend mentioned to me after they were already made!)

Tiny beach bag party craft.

We had several outside games and a quick tiny-tote beach bag craft. Using stencils and spray paint, I helped the the girl's friends make totes like the one above. The spray paint is a bit tricky though, practice first!

Beach Party favors.

In the end, everyone went home with some party favors and all the kids seemed to have a good time. A special thanks to Kirsten for sticking around and being such a great help! I really need to have these parties away from home. I have a hard time fronting that much money for a party away from home - is just me on this? But, there is no clean-up!

Craig's birthday cherry pie (1 candle per 10 years)

Next up was Craig's big 40th birthday! His favorite, Cherry Pie, was a hit at his family birthday get together. I also found a great recipe for English Meat Pies that I'll share soon - they were really good! The cherry pie was simple with a can of cherries and pre-made pie crust.

Blowing out candles on Craig's 40th birthday.

Some may cringe at this photo with the g-u-n on his lap, but I promise it wasn't loaded. He received new gun handles for a favorite old revolver he's had since he was a boy. He is very proud of this and like a good dad - takes good care to lock it up. It wouldn't be a party without Craig being a bit silly and this year, sporting a pink lei on his head!

Decorated for family party.

Next-up was the girl's family birthday on their actual birthday. We had my parents and my MIL - together-under the same roof for an entire week. I will say, it went better than I thought. I can never round my parents up to take photos with them, sad really. But, the girls had a fun party and both received the cheapest Ipod's we could find.

Present and Cake time!

I decided to make their cake this year and had a lot of fun decorating it! It was just a box cake-do I make anything else!? The girls each got their own scriptures and covers for church. It's my parents tradition to buy them scriptures with their name on it and my MIL found the covers. They also received the cheapest Ipod's we could find as their gift from us!
I am so thankful that birthdays are over! It was way too much for me to take on with the boys and in toe the entire time. I am learning, slowly, to take it easy, cut corners where I can, and not worry if things aren't perfect.

This photo was taken the same year I started this blog on the girl's fifth birthday! It is one of my favorite photos - ever!

When was your last taste of birthday cake?
Do you fret about birthdays?


donna said...

GREAT picture of craig with the flowers around his head and the gun on his lap.!

Natasha said...

I love all your ideas.

I tend to stress about parties so usually do better having them out of the house. It does hurt to pay that chunk of $ upfront but like you said there is no cleanup and I find less stress too.

Claudissima said...

goshhh i love that vintage photo too! I love love love cakes, specially the ones that taste good! I love love love parties!!! used to throw really BIG BIG BIG ones, specially by the beach catered and all *(by me)....wished WE had availability for catering services....haahahhahaa....Don't have a party any time soon any how.....
with the really bad economy in my family the last 4 years....getting even worsen....argh