Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New York - Time Stamped.

December 30, 1999 @ 1:42 in Time Square

Memory Lane can be such a cool walk!  I have been going through my photo files on my computer, sorting them, and putting them into into a more structured methodology; when I happened upon a file filled with random scanned photographs I took many years ago.  The above photo of New York's Time Square is fantastic!  The clock on the right makes it an actual timed moment- so neat!  Here is the rest of the file and a little bit of my own memory lane:

Sunset over Alexandre III Bridge, Paris 1999

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris 1998

Visiting Mozart's Common Pauper Grave in St. Mark's Cemetery, Vienna 1998

Strasbourg Cathedral, France 1998

Craig @ Schonnbrun Palace, Vienna 1997


donna said...

wonderful pictures...

Nicole said...

I love the one of Craig in Vienna. The trees are so cool. It must have been fantastic to see so many parts of the world.

L Garcia Muro said...

nice photo,love the trees.

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