Thursday, February 3, 2011

Loosing it.

The loosing it does not refer to my mind...although, raising two sets of twins can easily lead to this!  I am referring to the rapid increase of weight that piled on during my recent twin pregnancy and that slow unsteady decrease of loosing the weight.  I was completely oblivious to the changes my body would endure while my littles incubated.  It was slow until the fourth month when I was positively put on bed rest and told not to do anything - but eat.  OK!  Why not.  With gestational diabetes, I couldn't eat just anything, but to be sure - I had to eat - all the time.  It was something I had to do to keep my babies healthy - I almost lost them twice, I was going to do anything to keep them.

Seventy-Five pounds later I entered the hospital for their delivery confident that my body would return to normal within a couple of months.  After all, there's all that fluid and bloating that would inevitably shed...right? To my dismay it didn't just all come off magically - in fact, two months later I was only fifteen pounds lighter.  This is when life got crazy.  I moved from Canada to the US with these tiny babes and my two other sweet girls.  We renovated our house and I was overwhelmed.  I'm not sure about anyone else who has been on bed rest, but I had no muscles.  I would wake-up aching from back pain.  I was a mess.  I couldn't handle my twins, the renovations, the move and loose weight - it just wasn't working.

In May of 2010, I took out my running shoes and turned on the treadmill and started with a mile.  I died after a half mile and I  knew I was in for a long haul.  By the end of June, I was outdoors running with my babes in their stroller and the girls on their wasn't peaceful, but I was certain I would loose that weight.  Maybe five pounds later, I hobbled into the podiatrists office - Fascia?  Apparently, you can injure your feet with all those post-pregnancy hormones running through your body.  I was told that I couldn't run or do any exercises for six months.

I was devastated.  But with devastation came my usual attitude of there has to be another way.  I tallied up all the calories I burned during the day and calculated that if I ate 1500 calories or less - I would loose weight.  Simple math...I lost 20 pounds over a two month period between September and October.  I steadied my calories over the holidays by sticking to a little over 1500 calories.  I gained a few pounds back in December - too many good things to eat!  

In January 2011, I purchased a new pair of running shoes.  I can walk on my feet without pain and am loosing more weight.  My goal is to be in my prepregnancy jeans from March 2009 by June 26 2011 (my 18 year wedding anniversary).  It will be hard...but, I am certain that I can do it.  I've lost fifty pounds, you do the math - and that's how much farther I have to go!

Let's support each other...tell me about your weight loss goals :) 


Kimberly Harvey said...

I entered a weight loss contest where you pay $25 and have 2 months to lose 5% of your weight. Sadly I wasted the first month, and now I have 1 month to lose 9 pounds. Ugh! I still think that's totally doable. I'm getting serious today. I'm hoping that that will be just a kickoff to continuing.

Nicole said...

I remember trying to run a sad 1/2 mile after Danica and needing to ice down my calves afterwards-so painful. Always blamed the hormones. It took a good year or so of running b4 it went away. Now back up to 5. I can only recommend really good running shoes. It's well worth the high price tag. Inserts if you need xtra cushioning and Asics are where it's at for me. Good luck.

Heffalump said...

Ah...I have about 60lbs I need to lose. No room for a treadmill in my house, and I live where it is rainy a LOT of the time, and with a four month old, I can't get out jogging with him if it's raining. I really need to do something though.

Lene said...

That is amazing. Way to go.

Chrissy, said...

Keep up the good work! That is awesome.It can be so discouraging but have faith in your body that it will respond to what you put in to it and what you do to keep moving.

I lost 30 lbs a year and a half ago and I have kept it off by I think three main things.
1. Weighing myself every morning. Just to keep myself on track and in reality. Other wise I think I would go in to denial and think I can just eat whatever.
2. Work out at the gym 3-4 days a week. Usually classes that use a mix of weights and cardio.(I can because my youngest is in kindergarden. I hate that my kids are leaving me home alone, but I have to enjoy the benifits that come with it. They grow up fast.)
3. Really watching the sugars and carbs I eat. I try to eat protens often through the day or I get super hungry and eat SUGAR!!!

linda said...

First of all, congrats on losing the 50 lbs, that's quite an accomplishment!

I lost 11 lbs this last summer and have managed to keep it off. I would like to lose another 5 and know that exercise would take care of it but really just watching what I eat has made the difference. If you're good to your body, it does respond.

Keep us the good work Michelle!