Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Craft and Thrift.

monster truck tie


I couldn't pass up creating more toddler felt ties for my little men and making a few more to share.  I've opened an etsy shop so that they can easily be purchased - if you like them!  I've coined it little man ties.  I think I am most proud of putting together the logo - something I love to do!  

slug bug tie

I've got more styles in the works, including a sun an sky tie that my own little man wore on Sunday, but it's being cleaned!  Yes, believe it or not, my little ones do slobber!  The ties are made out of Eco-fi felt.  This post here chronicled my first attempt at making these ties.  The button hole on the back was killing me - really, just killing me!  I gave-up and started using the thin elastic.  I cut it at 13" and it is sewn in between two pieces of felt and can stretch up to 20" in length.  They fit underneath the color.  Honestly, they are show stoppers!  Let me know if there is a tie shape and color you want or watch for more styles to be added!

more Craft...

My 2nd Craft this week and last was putting together some of these crochet flower garlands.  I used my own crochet flower design here and weaved them into good old fashioned brown twine.  I am working on more of these to hang around the ceiling for spring!


Our old rickety attic housed this shabby old chest.  We found it while renovating this space for the girls.  It was packed with 1940's National Geographic.  It was a really fun find and technically we didn't have to spend anything on it.  It is sitting down in our TV room and houses all of our blankets.  Mr. C is due to fix the hinges on it and what would you think to a sign that said blankets or cozy on it?!

Do you like to thrift?
Have you ever "found" a treasure?
Are you more than ready for some warm spring weather?

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Marie said...

You've been busy! The ties are adorable, the green salt on the tater tots was inspired, and reading the story of adopting your two girls was wonderful....I want the next installment.

Glad to see all is well with you and yours!