Monday, March 7, 2011

Eating out with your twins.

There is something so good about sinking your teeth into a thick crust UNO's pizza. Our closest is hours away, but I still hoped to order one and bring it to the hotel. My older girls could hang in our part of the hotel room, the boys would go to sleep,  and all would happy and well - right? At the last minute, we changed our plans and opted to dine-in the restaurant. We pulled our little quartet of kids inside and were promptly seated. It was glorious for the first let's say seven minutes...and then, it wasn't.

My little gents had already gone through my supplies of baby food, crackers, cookies, bananas -it was something the see. People were staring with what looked like a nervous admiration, or perhaps just disdain!  The waiter prompted by a mother of twins at the bar - offered to buy me a beer.  Was it that bad of an experience to see?  I politely declined and started thinking of a way I could prolong the outing for a few more minutes.  This is when I took Mr. T out of his chair. Within seconds, my water was spilled everywhere, duh, why didn't I see that water? I was done. I took the boys out to the van to the relief of the patrons( a story left for another post) and I waited until my daughters and Mr. C were ready to leave. So I ask you:


Do you think eating out is worth the effort?

I say no.  At home, my boys go to bed before we eat, so putting them through the rigor of a meal that takes three times as long can be excruciating to them (and to me!) I would say that before you decide to take the whole crew, weigh the pros and cons. Realize that it won't be a lazy evening sipping soda - but one where it could end up in your lap!

What do you think?


Marie said...

I think that between 1 and 2 1/2 years old is the hardest time to eat out with kids. It is just too long. But when they are out of that parameter, I'm all over it. It is way more special than take out (since we almost never do the resturant thing) so it is more exciting and memorable.

Oh, and Vision Therapy? Who knew?

Melinda said...

Oh Michelle, I don't have 2 sets of twins but I feel your pain with going out to eat with your kids! I feel like I have lived this experience. It is the worse. It just takes time to get better.

Lauralee said...

I don't even have 2 sets of twins- but for sure there is always some kind of drama with my kiddos! That is so frustrating when you are ready to enjoy a meal you don't have to make or clean up and then it gets ruined! So sorry!