Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tater Tots and green salt.

Tator tots and green salt


Tator Tots with green dyed salt - a true culinary classic!  We bought into celebrating St. Patrick's Day a couple of years ago when I received a little package from my sister. It was filled with fun items all geared around this green holidays.   I have two main memories that accompany this holiday:  One was of my mother making corned beef and soda bread and the other of being pinched!  I remember clearly that if anyone wore red this day -they would get pinched.  Mr. C thinks I made this part up - but honestly, it was a memory!  Past or present, the one thing that is certain, green, is the color of the day...  

Pistaccio/lime jello dessert w/ coin cookies
  We ended our evening with a fun and light green dessert made with the following yummy ingredients:

2 pkg. green lime jello (sugar free)
1 pkg. pistaccio pudding (sugar free)
1 tub of cool whip (light)

Prepare the two packages of jello in one container as directed and refridgerate until set.  Remove from refridgerator once the jello is set and add one container of cool whip light and one pkg of pistaccio sugar free pudding.  Mix together.  Add to individual containers, or leave in large bowl and serve later.

As a fun topper, I used Pillsbury sugar cookies and added yellow food coloring to the dough to make it look like gold.  I separated the dough into small balls and pressed them down before baking.  I added the little heart as my own little Happy Heart touch!

we also had get pinched st patty's day cookies.

sour creme and horsradisch dip
w/ our corned beef

Dubliner Cheese and Tomato Balsamic bread crusts.

 These were really yummy.  I headed to the store to find Bruschetta, but couldn't find it at our local grocery store.  Instead, I used:

1 can italien stewed chopped tomatoes
2 TBSP olive oil
1 TBSP balsamic vinegar (maybe a tad more to taste)
1/2 tsp garlic and 1/2 tsp onion powder (maybe a little more)

I cut-up one baggette and spooned the tomatoe dip on top of each and a slice of Dubliner Cheese.  I put it in the oven on broil - low until cheese was melted.

Dubliner cheese.

Have you ever dyed your salt green?
Do you like cheese? 
Do you love jello or hate it?!


Peppermint Patty said...

You just made me hungry.

donna said...

Dubliner Cheese and Tomato Balsamic bread crusts.YUMMY!!!!