Saturday, March 19, 2011

Week-Ends and Book-Ends

Our very Small Time Sugaring set-up

If you look at my comments from a year ago, I get at least 90% less comments.  I'm trying to figure if I should be upset or not.  I would determine that it is annoying when people view my blog and do not comment; but if one comments or not - I will still enjoy writing, journaling, and catching up with my blogging buddies!  What about you?  My new Week-End and Book-End posts will focus on journaling all the things I missed during the last week and posting about any new exciting books I've finished.


1.  This year we've tapped at least 10-12 trees for sap and are shocked at what a fabulous year it is for sugaring.  We can't keep up with it - it's crazy!  We are very small time, but hope to get a bigger set-up in the next few years.  I think I'll have a blog-giveaway soon where I'll give some of our fresh maple-syrup away!

2.  Hawk and Mr. T joined Craig outside for a few minutes of sugaring.  It was all they could do before they had enough.  No worries, they will soon be helping a lot more - just  wait!  Both little guys I took the doctor last Friday where I found out they had ear infections, both them, in both ears.  It has been so nice to see them healthy and running around.  For awhile there, it was really rough to have them in so much pain and so sick.  I missed their little bright faces and smiles - glad to have them back and healthy!

3.  Worked on this Spring Daffodil Wreath

4. Setting our the big L's trap

 5.  Got really crazy for spring and purchased two of the yellow daisy dresses - too expensive, but they are so so cute and modest!  They were from Mini-Boden.

6.  I was called recently to be the 2nd counselor in the Relief Society of our ward. The Relief Society is grouped of the women in our church who are 18 years and older.  My part of the calling is to work with the activity leader and put together activities for the women.  This week was really crazy as we just finished our RS birthday celebration.  The boys also came that night - luckily we put together some amazing women who shifted out of the activity for 30 minutes at a time to babysit - it worked out wonderfully.  Although my boys really didn't want to stay - they were with me quite a bit! 

7.   Cici and Nini finished up their Mytroyshka doll embroidery book-marks.  Arent' they fantastic!? They did such a great job and they loved every minute of it.  I finished them off by sewing some ribbon on the back and hemming the top and bottom.  This was a really fun activity!


I can't say I've finished any books, but I have a book I am loving and a few sitting in wait.  Distant Hours by Kate Morton by Tatiana de Rosney, I am 2/3 of the way through.  Sarah's Key is sitting in wait.  Writer Mama by Christina Katz and Get a Freelance Life by Marget Feury Ragland.  Reading time is spent between naps and waiting for kids to come out - it's bits and pieces - but I am determined to finish them.

I have, however, read 8 silly monkeys jumping on the bed and Snuggle Puppy - more than I could possibly count this week!

What books are you reading?
Have you had real maple syrup?


Lucy said...

I honestly don't know if I have ever had real maple syrup. You'd probably be aghast, but we always use mapeline for our pancakes (are you cringing?) I'll have to try some of yours when you get set up.

Sadly, I am in my worst reading funk. I just can't stay interested in any book. I am more than half-way through Wolf Hall but just started another book, Sun Going Down by Jack Todd because I wanted to read something that took less energy. But, it's disappointing me as well.

donna said...

Michelle~ I get about 98% less comments, then a few years ago. I know there are a lot of bloggers that view my blog. I have blog checker.. BUT THEY don't leave comments. OH well...
I am so ready for spring as well. I love the yellow daisy dresses ...

Lene said...

I hear you on the no comments. I still have a ton of page views but no comments. Weird.

So glad the boys are feeling better. It breaks my heart to have sick little ones.

Melinda said...

The boys are getting so big. I am so glad they are feeling better. We have had many winters where I wonder what I am doing wrong when I can't get my kids healthy. I think it is just the time and season.

I never get any commenters anymore. Maybe everyone is in a funk.

Those dresses are soo darling!

Dacia said...

Such darling boys! Good luck with your new calling, so fun to be in the RS. Looks like your ready for spring with those cute dresses!

Lauralee said...

I have never gotten that many comments... lots of views- I keep writing, i love writing
I want to read more by Kate Morton, loved the Forgotten Garden.
Your poor boys, I hate having sick kids... hope they are feeling better.
I don't think I have had real maple syrup.... does that mean it is straight out of the tree? Is that what the sugaring is?
Have a good one! Good luck with all your reading!