Saturday, April 23, 2011

Behind the Scenes: DC 2011 Trip

A look at our family on the DC Mall.
 Traveling with four kids isn't any easier then traveling with one.  It's just a lot more packing and kid spotting.  It was crazy chasing the boys everywhere - but it was either that or keep them screaming in their stroller.  The key was to get them from the car to the stroller and keep them in the stroller for as long as we could.  We would then let them out - and the girls and me and Craig would run them down if they escaped.  I considered the leashes for kids - but I couldn't wrap my mind around having my kids on a leash!

A moment in the car.
 I will admit that our mini-van is old - but it's all ours - no carpayments!  However, the space inside the van is narrow and the back of the van can get very crowded.  I took this photo on the 2nd day of our trip.  Everyone seems nice and quiet, which they were, until the boys realized that this wasn't a short drive to the grocery store - and quickly made their disapproval known.  Bubbles, cars, snacks, singing, clapping, and DVD movies helped get the boy's mind off sitting in their car seats for so long.  They were in all honesty very good boys.  Since we've been back home, they are not so keen on getting into our van though!

Nini and Cici on the ride at Chocolate World Factory in Hershey, PA

The girls were amazing, honestly.  They fought frequently, but they were helpful, complained only a little, and never got upset at the boys for screaming during the car ride.  This photo was taken at the Hershey World of Chocolate ride, in Hershey PA.  The ride is very similar to a Disneyland ride - as you can see - they loved it!

Camera Women Extraordinaire
 Cici was right alongside with me in taking photos.  This is her camera and she was everywhere with this.  She took her own purse and kept it inside with her wallet and notepad.  She is my mini-me and just like me, we had to wait many times while she got that perfect photo.
Udvar Air and Space Museum - Family Shot.
 Taking photos with the boys is pretty much a joke.  Unless I catch them when they are not looking, they refuse to take a photo.  They squirm and scream - and repeat. I hoping that we can get a fun photo in for Easter - only the day will tell.

We loved going back to DC.  Here is the wonderful and and the very ugly of our DC trip:

The Wonderful
It was fantastic spending time together with my family.  It was a wonderful time to be together with just the six of us!  We loved visiting the museums.  The weather was fantastic.  The boys are fantastic night sleepers, so we never had a problem with getting a good night's sleep.  My favorite part was visiting the National Gallery of Art with Cici.  She was so excited about all the paintings and sculptures - is was really neat to experience.  I loved seeing some old friends and eating some really great DC food. 

It was also neat to reminisce about our time living in the area.  We saw our old home and realized that although it was fun living their - we were happy with all our moves and our new home in New England.

The Very Ugly

The Spy Museum was the ugliest part of our trip.  The boys needed a nap and were not falling asleep in their stroller - it was very crowded - who could blame them.  We thought we could take them in with us and hold them and perhaps they would fall asleep in our arms.  Dreaming, I know!  We made it through the long line, and up into the movie.  By now, they were screaming and all heads were glaring at us.  We quickly decided that I would try to get them downstairs, back in their stroller, and see if I could get them to sleep.  As I was taking them out, they just exploded into tantrums.  I couldn't get them up in my arms.  I finally pulled them in by both arms into the bathroom to change them. 

Here I was able to get them changed without sticking their hands in the toilet, seriously not an easy task in these public bathrooms and back out the door.  We made it down the elevator and into the coat room where I proceeded to put them in their high chair.  This set them off again.  I got them outside after much wrestling and gave them a bottle hoping they would calm down.  It was an adventure in patience to say the least.
I've downloaded our photos to facebook, I hope everyone who wants to see them has been able to.  Thanks for sticking with me through all of these years and keeping close to our family. 



Marie said...

Want to know what stands out to me in these pictures? How old the girls are looking, and how thin you are looking. Wow.

Glad you had some moments of triumph on the trip, even if there were some troublesome times for the boys.

Oh - and I'd love to have a van that was all paid for. Ahhh, no car payments. How heavenly.

Melinda said...

You are brave to do such a trip with the boys! I'm glad you had a great time. I have had to learn that kids are going to act the same at home or on vacation. I always think we are all going to be blissfully happy and get along on our vacations. Not the case.

donna said...

yes i agree with Melinda~ You are brave to do such a trip with the boys..
thanks for sharing your trip with us...