Friday, April 1, 2011

Mom's Photo Phriday

Jean Talon Flower Market, Montreal, QC
Building in Prague 2003

The "A" Tree 2010


I love to take photos.  I love it when I capture that moment and can look back and let the memories come flooding in.  Would you like to join me on Fridays and share your photos best photographs - the ones You took!  Take a photo, any photo that you feel is inspiring, beautiful, or captures the joy of motherhood and/ or the beauty of the area you live.  You may have taken the photo last year, or on a trip to France.  If you love it and you took it - share it with me - or not!  Either way, I hope to be sharing my favorite photos on Phriday!. 

Montreal in the Spring and Summer are amazing.  The Markets come alive with fresh flowers, like the Jean Talon market above.  Buildings throughout Europe are inspiring.  The three violins adorned the top of a door in Prague (if my Mr. C were here, he could help me remember which street!)  Walking back from the mailbox one day, I looked up and there it was - the branches forming a big letter A.  A-mazing.  These are some photos I love - how about you?!  What photos do you love?  Remember, I am changing my Mom's Photo Phriday.  It's too complicated right now to assign photos; plus, it's been more fun to post those photos I love the most. 

Do you like to take photos?
Do you like to be in photos?
Would you rather just be in nature not photographing it!? 

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