Saturday, April 2, 2011

Week-Ends and Book-Ends.


Mommy Daughter hair salon date - self portrait (this makes me smile)


dark underneath!

1.  This week's Endings are combined with last weeks, since I didn't have time to post last week.  Today, my girls and I, had a much needed hair appointment.  We all got our hair done-including some highlights.  Cici and Nini chose red.  I chose my common blonde - but added a darker tone underneath.  My girls and I do not get to go out very often with just the three of us, but we took full advantage and did our hair and lunch.  It is still very hard for me to leave the boys with other people - besides me.  But it is good for them, especially when it is daddy they are hanging with.  I know I must be overprotective, but, not much I'm willing to do right now to change that! 
2.  I love the way Nini is entranced with the whole event.

3.  My girls were grounded last week.  There fighting and back-talking to each other was so out of hand.  I couldn't believe it at times. They've been off DS and computer and stayed home unless it was a family event.  It seems like a short-term solution to a problem that, I know, will continue.  I hope that we are helping them learn to love each other - 
sometimes, I'm not so sure.  

 4.  Daddy-Time isn't a very long at our home.  Unfortunately, Mr. C is a busy man and gets home sometimes right as I can't keep the boys up any longer.  He always gets the tail end of their day, which is sad.  We try to make the most of it by letting him spend those last minutes with just the three of them.  It's really sweet.  I am grateful for those weekends that let all of us spend more time together.

5.  My little man tie business is just for fun.  I tried a little photo shoot with my little men two weeks ago which ended up in little men crying.  An apple was the only thing that saved the shoot.  Next time, it might help if someone else were taking the photos and not me.  My kids always do better when there is someone else snapping the shots.  I do love this photo, despite the stuffed apple mouth! 

5.  Finally we can go outside - here is Mr. T
 checking out cool Nini on her skateboard

6.  Math Night at school!

Today's consignment finds!
7.  I have been laboring this winter to find good deals on my kid's clothing. I am finding that buying clothes for four growing children is expensive - duh right?  I have been consigning our last years clothes each season and buy at consignment stores.  I've tried ebay, but I find that with shipping, the deals can not be deals in the end.  We stopped at our favorite consignment store on the way home today and found these 7 name brand pieces (some new) for $53.00 and four of them are gymboree.  This averages $7.50 a piece!


 Distant Hours  by Kate Morton proved to be a wonderful beginning to reading again.  I just haven't read much of any books since my bed rest days where I devoured books daily - just to stay sane.  I picked this book having no former knowledge of  The forgotten Garden -which I hear is also wonderful. To quickly review it, I found most of her character's personalities and thoughts to be written extremely well.  I found her lack of describing each character's physical features a bit annoying, though.  I loved the back and forth between era's and character's fun and it kept me engaged in the book.  I enjoyed it and out of 5 stars would give it a 3.5 and say I am interested in reading her other books.  Next up is...yet to be determined - will keep you in the loop :)

Do you find it difficult to get out on individual dates with your children?
How do you handle fighting between siblings?
When do you start shopping for the next season?
Clothing or shopping advise?!



Lauralee said...

fun hair date! looks good!
I want to read the Distant Hours, I am waiting for it to become available at the library! loved the Forgotten Garden-
I used to do consignment shopping when my kids were smaller, but I just heard about Plato's Closet, which I am going to try out! It is not cheap clothing kids!

Marie said...

Ooh! The Forgotten Garden is wonderful. Simply Wonderful! I read it last summer and couldn't get the characters out of my head.

I don't know the last time I made it to the salon was. That is pretty sad.

Shannon Gillman Orr said...

Anytime you want to do another for-fun photo shcot call me! You can entertain and I will take the pics. :)