Monday, June 6, 2011

Bits and Pieces of every kind!

Theo is set for his Hydrocele surgery on Wednesday.  This mom is freaking out - seriously.  It's not supposed to be a difficult surgery, again, it's the anethesia that I don't like.  Seeing him completely out of it will be hard.  I would glady do this for him - but unfortunately - I just don't have the same bits as hiM!

Memorial Day

Veronika and Elise particpated in their school's Memorial Day concert again this year.  This time we were honoured to hear both of them play Yankee Doodle on the recorder.  They were both fantastic - especially in thier home made patriotic dresses from me!  On the morning of memorial day they were able to sing a few songs from their school concert and participate in a parade.

Parents Vist

My parents came into town a few weeks ago.  It's not an occassion that happens very often - so we took full advantage of it.  We dedicated ourselves to spending some quality shopping time together!  We had a lot of fun visiting all the consignment stores in our area- as you can see we all found something!


I really do not like this photo of me, but have long learned that photos aren't always about me!  I love this photo of my dad and I together.  We don't seem to have too many recorded photos, and am certain that this will be one I will cherish -at least when I get over myself!


I had a wonderful 38th birthday!  It was a lot of fun being taken out for dinner and being treated to a weekend away -when we can do it.  I love this photo of the girl's giving me their cards.  This is such a common scene at our home right now - everyone most important to me is right here!

Piano Time

I have been sitting down at the piano whenever I can and letting the boys join me.  It will be a fantastic day when all four of my children can play a musical instrument.  My girls still are not too interested in the piano - but I keep trying!

May photo fo the month.

Memorial Day Parade 2011

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donna said...

I would also be freaking out, Any kind of surgery makes me scared... My prayers are with Theo....
So glad your parents came for a visit.. I'm sure they enjoy seeing your family and playing with their cute grand kids..

Looks like you had a wonderful 38th Birthday........