Monday, June 27, 2011

Chair Ottomans: Chairs converted into Ottomans.

Chair Ottoman finished work.
Convert an old chair into an ottoman!  It took me less than two hours to change these old chairs we found in our barn into a perfect addition to our living room.  Not only does it allow for extra seating, but you can put your feet up on it too! 

Materials:  Scissors, hammer, staple gun with foam
padding, material,  felt, ribbon, and antique tacks.
I started with having Mr. C take off the the back of the chair.  To keep the vintage appeal, I left the finish on both chairs - as is, but cleaned them up with a damp cloth.  I used 1" thick foam that I purchased from Michael's and cut it slightly larger then the top.  The material I cut almost 3 inches longer folding it under the bottom of the chair and stapling it with a staple gun.  I repeated this all the way around and then covered the underneath with black felt, so no Little's would get hurt from any staples.  I then used black ribbon around the outside of the now chair ottoman and hammered antique black short nails all around to secure the ribbon in place.  This was my first time ever upholstering something like this, so there may be better ways of doing this!

An old fabric shower curtain for the material.
What is the craziest thing you've upholstered?
Would you do this?


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love the chairs...