Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Magic of a Sprinkler.

Despite, now, having seen only rain for the past two days.  Our first day of summer was beautiful.  Not only was it the girl's last day of school and my mom's birthday (which we were able to celebrate with her for the first time in years); but, it was warm and perfect for the sprinkler.  Lil' Hawk loved it!  I love that he is so entranced with it.  After looking at the photos, it felt like his reactions were the essence of what we might have felt the first time you or I went through the sprinkler!  The girl's were just as excited - if not more - as they had already had years of sprinkler practice!

Do you remember the first time you ran through the sprinklers?


nicole said...

Cute pics! Danica started putting her suit on in the afternoon/evenings and running thru them.

donna said...

so so cute!