Sunday, July 3, 2011

Beach Babes and Baby Bums: Summer Beach Vacation 2011

With our cute beach babes and baby bums, we headed to the New England Beaches for a much anticipated summer vacation.  I don't know about the rest of you - but we love to plan our big vacation right after school's end.  It helps us jump into summer more quickly and lets everyone relax from the hard work of school, sports, and work. 

 There were many sights and sounds that I had missed being couped up all winter.  I love the coziness of winter, but I, personally, can only handle so much.  How about you?  The sound of the ocean, kids splashing in the water, the brightness of the sun - just heaven.  At the Zoo and Amusement Park at York Beach, Maine - this bird had it made.  I love the folkie painting and thinking hard about where I can incorporate this style into my home. 
The girls are slowly getting the idea that they can be friends, not just sisters.  It is a joy for this twin mom to see them be so independent of each other, but so completely excited to be with each other.  The start of our trip yielded this kind of togetherness as the above photo...the end of the trip - let's just say, they needed some space!

 Transporting four kids and two adults in and out oft he beaches was a challenged.  Craig found this grocery cart in our barn when he was cleaning it out and almost threw it away.  I was certain that we could find some reason to keep it.  As you can see we did use it, not only for transporting our blankets, umbrellas, and beach stuff - but for Mr. T too!  Oh, and Hawkie was certain he was being helpful by pushing the cart for Mr. C!

Both boys found it great excitement to help us push the stroller.  This was a common sight!  When at other trips they would scream while in the stroller, they now, our relaxing when we push them.  They look around and are getting the great idea that it is fun to not have to walk all the time.  Thankfully!

Cici and Nini loved the water.  While Cici was busy boogie boarding, Nini was attempting to boogie surf?  She was certain that she could take a normal boogie board and surf on it.  It didn't quite work out as what was in her creative mind.  She also started perfecting skim surfing.  It's where you throw a skim board in the water and jump on it and surf...there is much more to how to do it, but this is as far as she got! 

The boys were amazing.  They loved every minute of their beach experience; digging, running on the wet sand, chasing the seagulls, and forgetting that the ocean does have water and it's cold.  Hawkie had this sweet look on his face every time the surf came in and his feet got wet.  It wasn't quite sure about it, but loved to run, and run, and run - on the beach. 

When we weren't on the beach we hit Old Orchard Park's rides.  This is the boy's first, but themselves, amusement ride.  Mr. T loved it and Hawkie wasn't up for it the second time around.  I put him on the ride, he stood up and said "off".  OK!  I got him off and we just waved to Mr. T as he went around in circles on the cute little trucks.

Except for the absence of mom, this photo captures everything that we enjoyed about our summer vacation.  It was such a great time, fantastic weather, being together, and all that summer sand.  Now, on to enjoy the rest of our summer!

How are you finding your summer!?


Kimberly Harvey said...

Looks like so much fun! I love being able to read about your sweet family and your adventures. Miss you guys!

nicole said...

Everyone looks so happy! The boys are getting big and look at that beautiful red cute! Thanks for sharing!

donna said...

Oh my, I so want to go to New England.. GREAT pictures...

Natasha said...

Love the pics of the girls from behind sitting by the water and of the boys from behind pushing the stroller!

Beautiful babies you have, all four!

a.k.a happy heart mom said...

Thanks everyone! I am so grateful for all of your comments and friendship :)

Cristin said...

Looks like so much fun...
Nubble Lighthouse is a family favorite! :)