Monday, July 25, 2011

First Haircuts.

Hawk saying his peace about the whole thing!
 There is a little barbershop right in the middle of our small town which Craig goes to every couple of weeks. This time, however, it was the boy's turn to get a haircut - there first haircut!  I haven't snipped even a little off their cute red hair, so it was little painful for me.  I knew it was time though.  They were good boys about the whole thing.  To make sure they knew just what they were getting into, we let daddy go first.

Mr. T waiting patiently

good bye to Hawk's curl.

They did not like the sheet being placed over them.  They were anxious for the event to be over, but all-in-all were good little boys.  Once they walked out of the barbershop, they were over it.  They look like cute little men now!

Hawk and Mr. T ready to leave.

Do you have a local barber?
Do you cut your children's hair?
Do you loathe cutting those curls - even on your little men?!

We saved Hawks.


Melinda said...

So cute! It's amazing how a little haircut can totally change the look of the boys.

donna said...

so cute! They are such big boys.. : )