Tuesday, July 19, 2011

From the barn to our wall: An Antique Sign.

Old Antique Bakery Sign found in barn.
Months ago, I climbed up a rickety ladder to the second floor of our 19th century built barn.  It really is a cool place, but one I don't like to frequent - because of bats. I don't know how many have made their home up in the high ceiling and I don't plan on staying in it long enough to really find out!  But, the barn is equipped with stacks of old wood and a few piles of this and that's that I wanted to look through.  I found an old window I will be converting into a cork board and this old sign. It was in a wooden box and covered in years of dirt and grime.  I love the lettering and and as far as I can tell it went, we think, to an old bakery.  It was easy enough to wash and Mr. C got it ready to hang.  It hangs over my Grandfather's organ desk!

What do you think it was from?

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donna said...

I love that sign, and i want to see your cork board....